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Last Jr Drum Corp in Western Pa!

Posted: Fri May 13, 2016 6:05 pm
by Madilovesguardandmusic
Are you interested in marching with other kids your age who are just as serious about marching and music as you are? Do you want to meet kids who have a passion for music like you? Do you want to improve your marching and music skills? Do you live in Western Pennsylvanian? Well,I know the right Drum Corp for you!

General Butler Richards Vagabonds Junior Drum Corps is looking for passionate percussionists, bugle players, and guard members who are 14-23 and looking for a place to better their skills. I'm personally a member of the color guard there, and I'm 16. I have been a member for two years and have known them for years. It's a small, friendly group of kids who accept anyone with open arms!

Their webpage is
You can find all of their contact info there!

Have fun marching!