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Post by SCVStar » Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:52 pm

I'll say it one more time for ya. The guy did nothing wrong in asking Obama a question. But the MEDIA and both tickets caused this to happen. When Obama said "spread the wealth around", Fox jumped on it fast. Soon other media outlets followed..But at that time there wasn't any vetting of the man. Then the debate happened and both McCain and Obama mentioned his name over 25 times I think. So, what do you think would possibly happen as a result of that?? OF COURSE the the media will go to find out everything can can about the guy. Since then, McCain has used his name at every campaign stop. And he even had a "Joe the Plumber" tour just recently. You ask, "name one other time the media decended on a person with broadcast trucks in front of his yard for being mentioned by a candidate?" Good question..It can be answered with another question. When was the last time one common voter was mentioned over 25 times at a debate? When was the last time one man was used by both campaigns over and over to attack eachother? Sorry, but if you think only one person is to blame for this, there's not much more I can say..I blame, Obama, McCain, and the media.

Point two..I never mentioned the guy saying he made $250,000 a year. The reason I said both sides are to blame falls upon the previous point I just made. McCain has used "Joe the Plumber" in every speech talking about how Obama would tax him..And of course Obama made a joke saying he would actually give "Joe the Plumber a tax cut. And then made the joke, "how many plumbers do you know make $250,000 a year." If one side is going to use the guy to attack the other, then of course the other will attack back..Politics.

You were talking about companies leaving the US because of the high corperate tax rate. And I said that had little to do with it. They do it mostly for cheaper labor, lack labor laws, and the added tax cut they get for shipping jobs overseas. I usually agree with my party on taxes, but why give them a tax cut for creating jobs out of this country? Why not give them tax breaks for creating jobs in our country? And you talked a good deal about government spending, and I agree with you on that. And that's part of the equation for creating economic growth..If you LOWER taxes without cutting government spending, you will raise the deficit a great deal while also killing the dollar. Lowering taxes for corperations doesn't help when the government is living on a credit card. It makes NO sense to lower taxes while not cutting spending. And it doesn't matter who is elected..They will be spending a lot of money. Top economists also conclude that balancing the national budget will help our economy more than anything. Balance the budget..Grow the dollar..

And yes, you said percentage of growth..But like I said, I'm not a fan of European economics myself. So no argument there.
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Post by WE ARE SPARTACI » Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:20 pm

The asinine part of this is that "Joe the Plumber" is not an individual that needs to be vetted. He represents a concept. His personal story is no story. The concept hasn't changed regardless of the shameful, juvenile efforts of the media to miss the entire forest for one sapling.

The question is, are they that inept or just that deep in the pocket of Obama?

(Hint: The answer I'm afraid, is YES...)
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