Doesn't Entertainment Count?

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Re: Doesn't Entertainment Count?

Post by Old School » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:59 am

chadwick wrote:
Old School wrote: ... 68ce99d9c1

This was fron January of 2011 - I guess it fell on deaf ears.
I am so disgusted with the directon of drum corps that I have no interested in even going to see them in the theatre tonight, which is about 5 minutes from my home.

I understand some of your frustrations, but wow, you missed a good show!
I have to agree with you. I'm kinda kicking myself in the behind for not going. As a Madison Alum it would have been fun to hear the theatre when they announced the tie.

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Re: Doesn't Entertainment Count?

Post by chadwick » Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:40 am

I didn't stick around for the scores as I'm on eastern time and needed to hit the road as soon as Blue Devils hit their last note but I bet it was a great reaction with the Madison/Cavies tie. Being in Atlanta, I bet we also had a great reaction to Spirit placing ahead of Blue Stars again. I'm sure all the excitment took a turn though when they announced SCV in 4th and Crown in 2nd to Blue Devils.

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Re: Doesn't Entertainment Count?

Post by GWFrog » Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:37 pm


I have the greatest respect... :bow:
For BD's incredibly proficient performance... :tup:
Of a really and truly, audaciously non-entertaining show... :pick:

2013 had some wonderfully entertaining programs... :clap2: :towel: :tup: :mc2: :rotf:

Topping them all was Crown... :king:
Who left the crowd screaming and gasping.... :towel: :shock: :clap: :mc2: :clap: :cool2: :towel:
Night after night, win or lose...

After initially scorning SCV's selection...
I fell in love with their Les Miz... :love:

Cadets & Phantom & Bluecoats & BK & Boston did their things...
And Cavaliers didn't actually show what 'Splooie" means... :shh:

I wish Scouts' show had held more points...
But it was a marvelous heart-wrencher... :crying:

Spirit made one want to...
Belly up to the barre... :cheers:

Blue Stars put a spell on almost everyone...
But nearly got singed by Troopers burning semis show... :sarg:

Some are protesting that Xmen were scored too low... :soap:
But right on down the line... :hum:
The shows were engaging and entertaining...
Despite electronics and narration... :shades:

(I don't really care for narrated shows, but I loved both Crown & Mandarins...)

Jersey Surf always votes AGAINST electronics... :mw:
Then uses more than any other corps...
And puts on a fun, fun, fun show... :nuts:

I have a delightful earworm right now...
Arturo Sandoval's "A Mis Abuelos"...
Courtesy of Music City's delightful 25th place show... :cool2:

I could go on and on...
But that's 'bout 'nuff said... :shutup:

'Til later...
GWFrog 8-)

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No matter what you listen to, most people don't like your music...

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Re: Doesn't Entertainment Count?

Post by Backdraft67 » Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:51 pm

GWFrog, I don't find anything in your comment that I disagree with. I'm very happy with the results in Indianapolis. I believe the right corps won. Congratulations to Crown. There were a lot of really good programs this year but Jersey Surf captured my heart because, for the second year in a row, they reached out to the crowds and drew them into their program. I hope they keep up the craziness and fun in future seasons.

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