Del Sols' Sunday Rehearsal, a walk in the park!

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Del Sols' Sunday Rehearsal, a walk in the park!

Post by ravedodger » Tue Jul 12, 2005 10:38 am

We had a small hornline yesterday due to the infamous July vacation month, but it was good. The weather also couldn't have been better--70's-80's-ish.

The rehearsal was very short. What started as a small get-together, turned into something a little larger. After a short vacation, Del Sol is back in action.

At 8am, I secured the rehearsal location. I stood in the middle if a nice shady spot awaiting corps members to show within the hour. At about 8:30 people began to show.

After putting some new charts into the book, the brassline started warming-up at about 9:30. Ten O'clock came and we started on Cadillac of the Skies. It was beautiful.

Fifteen minutes later, I was approached by a cycler from the nearby bicycle path. It turns out that he is a member of a Civil War re-enactment group from Fort Tejon, and he's looking for a group to play there. Sweet.

At about 10:30 we began reading Fire of Eternal Glory. The end was played incredibly well by the baris, under the direction of Soos. Poor baris--Soos makes them push air.

11:15 came around, but we still wanted to play. So we sight-read the first half of an arrangement of Yoda's theme/Empire Strikes Back finale by Chris Blackwell & myself. If you're looking for a reason to practice your interval jumps, you need to look at this one! Oh, and did I mention that the last half of it is extrememly loud?

At 11:30 we packed it up and headed to Woody's Bar & Grill, just across the street. A couple of us couldn't turn down the New Castle, the rest of us ate too much.

If you're looking to play, but don't want an intense schedule, you should come to Bako and check us out. We have members coming from Tulare, Porterville, Las Vegas, and Santa Clarita. ... tm]Del Sol
Dave Rogers

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