Reminder on show reviews & lists of scores

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Reminder on show reviews & lists of scores

Post by Resume Hut » Fri Jun 16, 2006 8:36 am

Time for our annual reminder that show reviews and lists of show scores are welcomed and encouraged but need to be posted in the Show Review and Scores forum here.
Reviews can be comprehensive and detailed or brief and sketchy as you choose, and strongly negative reviews of a performance or show design are permitted within reasonable limits though please understand that posting them may draw flames in return from an alum, parent or devoted fan.

If you'd also like your show review to appear in another related board Bandmaster Dave maintains, where some people who don't come here might see it, email them to Dave often doesn't post reviews that appear in Show Reviews and Scores in his other forum unless you email them directly to him. When he updates his other forum to 2006 (which he might do when we start emailing him our show reviews :wink:), I'll edit this post to include a link to it. It does get some other reviews of shows that don't appear on our forum and can be worth a browse every now and again.

If a new thread is started here in Senior and Alumni Corps the first post of which is primarily a review of a show or a list of scores from a show, that thread will be moved by a moderator to the Show Reviews and Scores forum. If a post is mainly a list of scores and it is a duplicate report of scores from the show somebody else already posted in Show Reviews and Scores and there are no follow-up comments by other Sound Machiners, that thread may just be deleted.

Of course you may discuss scores and captions in a general way or summarize general impressions of shows you've seen in this forum, if you prefer. It's the comprehensive list of scores or general review of a show that may be moved.

Thanks for your understanding.
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