2007 Auditions - Frontier

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2007 Auditions - Frontier

Post by Frontier » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:47 pm

Auditions for 2007 Frontier
Auditions for each section require two steps. Each section will participate in a sectional audition and a visual audition.

I. Section Auditions
Brass: 3 levels of auditions
"Experienced" - prepare a solo that displays abilities on chosen instrument. The audition may be on a bugle or other 'home' instrument. The solo must be performed for a member of the brass staff before a member contract is offered. There is no minimum difficulty level or time limit required.
"Building your Chops Back" - provides a temporary pass to prepare the solo. This will allow auditioning applicants to rehearse with the horn line and get back in playing shape. This is perfect for people who haven't played their instrument in a number of years and want to adequately prepare for the audition
"New to Brass" - Frontier accepts non-brass players in the audition process. The audition consists of an evaluation of attitude, drive, rehearsal attendance, an ability to learn concepts, and private instruction with a brass staff member (during rehearsal weekends). A separate solo is not required, but passing the visual audition is required. The brass staff is willing and able to teach anyone to learn a brass instrument if the member is willing to put in the effort.

All Auditionees:
 Bring your own instrument if you have one (any brass instrument, let us know what you are planning to bring so we can prepare music for you).
 The corps marches with G bugles. If you would like to play one of these, all you need to bring is a mouthpiece. Due to a limited number of available instruments, we ask anyone who can bring their own horn to please do so.
 If you would like a PDF copy of the 2007 brass book prior to rehearsal, those will be available for download from the frontiercorps.org website soon.

Questions about brass auditions should be directed to Chris Green - brass@frontiercorps.org

Colorguard: 3 levels of auditions
"Experienced" – This is an option for active participants in WGI. A personal audition during the weekend to demonstrate ability is required. A rehearsal pass for the WGI season is granted. Show work will be communicated via video and web interface and should be learned independently of Frontier for a smooth transition post-WGI. Visual audition is not required
"Non-WGI" – These applicants follow the rehearsal schedule as posted. The technique program is taught during these rehearsals. The audition consists of attendance at technique program rehearsals, demonstration (during rehearsal) of techniques utilized by Frontier, and the preparation of a solo performance of at least 1 min. The solo performance should demonstrate technical, lyrical and/or dance ability. The solo must be performed for guard staff during technique program rehearsals before a member contract is offered. Those wanting to audition for a rifle spot is required to audition only on rifle with movement, not necessarily on both rifle and flag.
"New to Guard" - Frontier will accept applicants without previous experience in color guard (experience in marching, dance or the performing arts is highly requested). The audition consists of attitude, drive, rehearsal attendance, and the ability to learn concepts. A separate solo is not required, but all 'New to Guard' candidates must learn a group routine that is performed as a unit. The guard staff is willing and able to teach anyone to learn color guard if the applicant is willing to put in the effort to do so. Those wanting to audition for a rifle spot are required to audition on only rifle with movement. It is not necessary to audition on both rifle and flag equipment.

All Auditionees:
 If you have a 6ft flag pole/practice flag, please bring it
 Wear Dance/Athletic type clothing, darker colors are preferred.
 Athletic or dance shoes with no heels please.

Questions about color guard auditions may be directed to Erin Wildrich - colorguard@frontiercorps.org

Percussion: All battery applicants are required to participate in the visual audition. Front Ensemble auditionees are not required to attend the Visual Auditions.

Battery and Keyboards - Audition materials will be posted shortly on frontiercorps.org and Zogpercussion.com. Please be familiar with the posted exercises. Memorization is encouraged but not required. Battery material is posted in score format so all parts are accessible.

Style& Chops - “Come as you are”There are many styles and interpretations in today’s world of percussion. We believe there is no right and wrong but there is a definite way that Frontier will perform. During the audition process we will look for those closest to “our” way and the ones that are the most willing to adapt. We understand that some may not have the chance to play as much as you would like, but we do expect your abilities to increase. Solo chops are great but not as important as a great listener. There will be no solo requirement for battery auditions.

Attitude & Availability
We know that for many this is not the only thing on your “to do” list but we do ask that it is pretty high on that list. We will ask for any conflicts upfront that may be foreseen with the schedule so we make sure we have the best fit for each section requirements.
We will also ask you for your first, second, third choice of instrument when auditioning. We understand that you may have a long time dream of being the top bass on the drum corps field, but unfortunately, we can only have one. We are looking for people that are willing to be placed where it will be most beneficial to the productivity of the Drum Corps.

All Drums, Cymbals and Front Ensemble equipment will be provided
Front Ensemble/Tenors/Bass Drum mallets – manufacturer choice TBA, bring what ever you currently use and are comfortable playing.

Snares will use the Silver Fox Mickey Hartzog Signature stick (SF1005). These are available locally and on-line at Lonestar Percussion.

Questions about percussion auditions can be directed to Mickey Hartzog - percussion@frontiercorps.org

II- Visual Audition
All Brass, Battery Percussion and Color guard (except those on the Experienced/WGI pass) members must pass the visual audition.

Visual audition is performed in a group setting. All applicants must display the ability to learn visual techniques, perform visual techniques at various tempos, and show physical ability and agility to perform marching drill.

Applicants not passing the visual audition may still have a position with Frontier and its ensembles:
Brass - applicants may continue performing with the horn line at all standstill performances. Brass applicants can be offered a position with Open Range Brass Ensemble, The Outlaws Minicorps, and/or as a member of the Deguello Performance Troupe.

Percussion - applicants may re-audition musically or be placed on a Front Ensemble position as they are available at the Percussion Caption Head's discretion. Applicants may also be offered a position with The Outlaws Mini-corps and/or the Deguello Performance Troupe.

Color guard - applicants may continue rehearsing with the color guard as an alternate and may be offered positions with The Outlaws Mini-corps and/or the Deguello Performance Troupe.

Brass & Color guard applicants not passing the visual audition may also choose to be a visual alternate and continue working on the areas that weren't at a passing level of the visual audition. Camp Fee for alternates is reduced to $15 per rehearsal for the remainder of the year. Any alternate may be offered a position in the field corps should one open, or should the applicant display increased abilities from initial placement of alternative status. Uniform fee, shoes, and other charges still apply if status is changed from alternate to full performing member.
Chris Green

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