En Garde 09 -- real life intrudes

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En Garde 09 -- real life intrudes

Post by 84BDsop » Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:51 pm

As you are aware, the open planning meeting that was originally set for later this month was cancelled. The reason has nothing to do with the corps...things appear to have been going fairly well for this point in the process.

My wife has developed some health issues that – while not immediately life threatening – are going to pull me away from being able to run the corps in 2009. Unfortunately, as En Garde has been largely a 2 man operation, that leaves no one to run the corps, since my AD’s school schedule is going to likewise draw him away from the corps a great deal.

There is, currently, no one on the roster I am aware of who could or would take the corps over for 2009.

Thus, painful though the choice is to make, En Garde will not attempt to field a corps for the 2009 season.

On the down side, we aren’t going to do much of anything performance wise, which is a huge letdown. On the UP side (and there is one), this gives us the chance to do something we’ve never had a chance to do...develop a solidified board of directors and other administrative deals, to do some fund-raising, to make sure that when we actually DO run an open house, we can present a COMPLETE show to the potential members...music, drill, etc, instead of the more “traditional” work-on-the-opener-while-the-arranger-works-on-the-rest-of-the-show.

This will also give us time to find reliable staff (we have SOME staff, but not enough) and do all those behind the scenes things that make a corps run.

I hope everyone who provided their name and email addresses will keep En Garde in mind when we DO attempt to field the corps. The potential for a good ensemble is there, and the joy of Sr. Corps is you don’t age out...you age IN. If you are a Jr. aged member, by all means, if you can march with ANYone next year, do so.

I will still email out periodic updates, and we will run the open meeting at some point in the future...possibly some time in December (just a guess).

Our immediate needs are for a true board of directors, with different people in each position...I should not (and did not WANT to) hold both the board Pres and corps director positions....they are different. The BoD’s job is to take care of the admin side of the organization and make it possible for the performance staff to get the corps on the field...it’s very difficult to wear both hats...and BoD pres is not a job I’m entirely suited for.

So if you’re over the age of 18 and wish to become more involved with getting the corps in a position to hit the field, or know someone who is, please let me know. Prior corps experience is NOT a requirement...the desire to set up a stable organization is.

Jim Mason of Star of Indiana once told me that he spent the first 3 years of the corps’ existence shoring up a weak foundation....let’s take the opportunity to set the foundation first this time.
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