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DEFENDERS Alumni Corps rehearsals

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:57 am
by NavillusWP
WED 12 SEP 2012 - 7-9 PM
@ Abington Senior Center (441 Summer St Abington, MA 02351)
Visitors are always welcome!

Drum line, horn line, color guard are still accepting newbies. It's like riding a bike. We know that some potential members have not played in years. Have no fear, you will get your lip and hands back with a little rehearsal. You’ll be surprised how much you retained over the years. BTW: no "rookie initiation!" :)

Check out The Defenders Alumni Corps:

NEXT FULL-CORPS practice: SUN 16 SEP 2012 (Noon-4 pm) (Again, visitors are always welcome!) @ Abington Senior Center