Some very early Div II / Div III scores

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Some very early Div II / Div III scores

Post by Jazzman » Mon Jun 25, 2007 2:14 pm

Here's a current "standings" by combining the latest scores for several Division III corps:

58.10 Citations *
55.65 Gold
54.35 Impulse
???? Fever * (had been 1 pt behind Impulse w/ inflated scores)
51.15 Dutch Boy *
49.90 7th Regiment *
49.50 Mystikal
48.40 Velvet Knights
45.85 Colt Cadets *
???? Blue Devils C * (had been 10 pt behind Fever w/ inflated scores)
43.40 Targets *

Citations may be a bit inflated for comparison purposes but it is only 1 show (*)

In Div II, Spartans (70.10 *) have an early lead over Teal Sound (66.40), Blue Devils B (65.95 *), Vanguard Cadets (65.0) with a big gap between them and Capital Sound (53.10) and Racine Scouts (41.35 *).
Regards, Jazzman

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Post by Hostrauser » Mon Jun 25, 2007 3:32 pm

With ECJ not fielding a corps and The Academy up in Division I, I don't see anyone giving the Spartans much trouble in Division II this year.
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