Concord/Hayward short reviews

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Concord/Hayward short reviews

Post by DA » Mon Jul 08, 2002 11:41 am

Went to both shows. Had good seats at both. Took a friend to the Hayward show. Never seen drumcorp. Kind of interesting to see what his reaction was. I missed some corps performances on both days.

Div. 2

Manderians: As usual, very good in all areas. Great looking unis. Much better than the long coat type. With Magic in div. 2, they could be challanged by them and SCV and maybe Esperanza and others. They have a chance but not a lock.

SCV Cadets: They look so much like SCV. Great performance. Drumline is the strength. They can drum like a div. 1 corp. My friend thought they had the best forms in this div. Nice job.

Esperanza: Sorry, missed both performances.

BDB: Small but they pack a punch. Drumline was smoking. Close to SCVC in that dept. I don't care much for the colorguard unis. They didn't stand out. Over all, nice job on both nights.

Impulse: Fun. Very outhere show. They are there to entertain, period. Show is somewhat sloppy but they make up for it with pure fun. My friend took notice from this show. His favorite in this div.

Senior Div:

River City Regiment: Nice sound from this new group. Renegades started out small a few years ago so i look for this corp to grow. My friend thought they were cute, especially during the hand/arm motion section.

SF Renegades: Crowd favorite. Huge sound. Love the all black look with shades. This corp is has grown so big in just a few years. I hope they do make it to DCA with a full corp to compete with the best of the seniors.

Div. 1:

Seattle Cascades: Wow, never expected them to be this good so soon. Top 12 a great possibility. They may be a future DCI contender. They certainly have the show right now to be in the top 12 if not higher. The drill flows so smootly. I think they will turn heads back east.

Pacific Crest: I do wish they could do a national tour. Probably the best corp most people have not seen. I must say i really was not into this years production like the last few years but over all a very solid corp.

Madison Scouts: Ok, i've read most of the posts regarding Madison's fall these past years. To me, they still have the sound. The marching is not perfect but this is a solid show and can't imagine it not being a finalist. They have a sound like a top 5. Guard is a different story. They are too good to be so bad in this caption. Way too many drops, especially in Concord. This show would be so good if they had a top quailty guard. Kind of sad. Score seemed low to me. I figured a 78 or 79. But i'm not a judge so go figure. My favorite music both nights.

SCV: Beautiful looking show. Drill is incredible. I just wish it was done to different music. Very abstract music. You want to just get out of your seat but the music holds you back. They will contend down the road but can't imagine the crowd getting into it. Regarding the new unis, they look good. It's a good show but not a classic SCV show. Good luck in Madison SCV.

Blue Devils: I've been critical of BD this year. Saw them at family night. Was not impressed at that time. Bought the new 2002 CD and could not get into the music. Was a difference in 3 weeks. Hornline was up a notch in Concord than Hayward. Great performance in Concord. Guard is soo good. Saw only 1 drop. I enjoyed them more in Concord than Hayward. My friend noticed that they use the entire field more than any other corp. I'm still not convinced they will be # 1 in August but they will contend for a top 3 spot.

Over all: Great show on both nights. Nice weather. Seattle is the most impressive to me based on them being so good. My friends 3 favorites are in this order:

Blue Devils

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Re: Concord/Hayward short reviews

Post by ImpactDrillDesigns » Mon Jul 08, 2002 11:56 am

Esperanza: Sorry, missed both performances.

Thanks....... For nothing :shock:

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