Meadowlands Review

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Meadowlands Review

Post by frankiE » Sun Jul 01, 2007 5:12 am

This was week 2 of my 2007 live DrumCorps extravaganza (Allentown next) :!:

The weather was supposed to have been spectacular, but the frontal boundary was stalled seemingly right above: the air was very HEAVY so the horns were not projecting, although this year the annual rain held off until midnight. The Meadowlands complex is under heavy construction so the parking lot was shared with fair patrons not to mention a flea market going on in one of the lots.

The show was to start at 730, but for some reason the first corps didn't enter until about 740. The announcer then rushed them to start, a problem he seemed to have all night. Although he was microphone saavy with voice and emotion, he did not seem to have the nuances of timing at all. He was frequently doing the " Drum Major" is your corps ready while they were still unloading pit equipment, setting up and etc. In one hilarious moment he announced please welcome Carolina Crown, from ............. :?: Seeing as he announced " The Cadets" is your corps ready with no DM on the podium, I'm sure someone will enlighten him. Sadly, the crowd ( IMHO ) gets thinner each passing year. My late twenties son was this week's attendee with me, our seats were on the left side mezzanine - first row ( good view- so so hearing )

Jersey Surf was on first, and they more complete this week. The chair question was answered as they were used more, and some props were added. One horn player took a terrible fall marching backwards ( tripped on a flag laying on the 40 ), but recovered nicely. They are very solid, but IMHO the music book is a little flat, and hard to recognize ( not just them also ). They play well , with some good solo work. They really have talent and there is great potential here.

Next up were The Crossmen, the usual crowd craziness was not there.
They are solid, clean drill marched well, some real Sully moments for sure. The music needs some notching up ( IMHO ), not just them but other corps as well. They should be in the hunt to get back to TOP 12 :!:

BAC was on next, and I really enjoyed the program, I don't care some music had been done before, at least something was recognizable. Their drums are really good, horns equally so. Guard is very good, props are used well and do not interfere. Should have beaten Blue Knights ( IMHO )

In fact, the scores for the evening are ranked the same as the order of performance ( WTF :evil: )

Blue Knights were up next: Horns are good, drums are good, guard is good ( poor guys wearing sequin see through tops - aargh ). Doing their DarkThing- judges seem to like it _ I could live without it. Sorry Kids- you are good, IMHO you deserve a better vehicle.

Twenty Minute Intermission

Carolina Crown up next, and they were the definate crowd favorite for the night, especially with the Bridgemen folks in attendance : William Tell had the crowd rocking- especially the guard having a pseudo race!. They look great, it's a great program! The drums seemed much better than last year and their horns are as killer as ever. New uniforms are stunning, the switchable color accent will really work for them in the coming years. They could be knocking on a few doors this year, and there was a noticeable higher level of performance now going on after the break :D

Phantom Regiment ( usual crowd favorite ) was next. Uniforms looked great, drums are solid, horns unreal, even the minimal onfield storage props well used. ( guard stuff behind ). IMHO this show needs a lot of work: timing is awkward, too much soft backfield type stuff, and general lack of emotion. The opener seems awkward, and the ending- OMG - you play Firebird and take the heat to play those wonderful seven dischord notes and invoke the crowd to hurl babies : only they don't play them :?:
Please - do it the traditional way - change the esoteric chopped up closing arrangement.

Last up was the host corps, and I must warn you Cadet Hoppy haters you may be in for a long summer :!: I like the show, it is well written and (IMHO) a novel idea that works. They are unbelievably talented and perform like a space shuttle engine throttled up to 110% ( makes Phantom look even more DOCILE IMHO ). IMHO there is too much narration ( you don't need to shout " We are Human beings " -I don't think Sea World is yet to produce marching dolphins? ). Horns are the best in years, drums will be there, the drill is vintage Cadets- incredibally the only thing that may keep them from winning is their guard, but it is early. Even my son, who knows nothing about corps, commented they were clearly the best, but the talking distracted him and he could not make out much of what was being said.

To all the players: you were great, the bar keeps raising higher ( and you are climbing with it ) :!:
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Re: Meadowlands Review

Post by LAMystreaux » Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:00 am

frankiE wrote: -I don't think Sea World is yet to produce marching dolphins? :!:

LOL! Thanks for a great review!
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Post by Chadams » Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:52 am

I agree about Blue Knights. Last year's show was nice, but didn't warrant a 2007 edition, IMO (I think their shows are too similar). BK has the talent to do more than what they end up actually doing (especially drill-wise this year).

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Re: Meadowlands Review

Post by Jazzman » Sun Jul 01, 2007 7:30 pm

frankiE wrote:Phantom Regiment ( usual crowd favorite ) was next.... and the ending- OMG - you play Firebird and take the heat to play those wonderful seven dischord notes and invoke the crowd to hurl babies : only they don't play them :?:
Please - do it the traditional way - change the esoteric chopped up closing arrangement.
Maybe they're saving that for Finals night!! :wink:
Regards, Jazzman

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