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Post by craiga » Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:01 pm

I just returned to work after taking vacation time last week. I attended all three of these shows as well as both nights of Allentown, and I thought I would offer some thoughts and reactions to the first three shows. I promise not to let my bias show...too much. :D

I'll limit my thoughts to the Div 1 corps i saw in these shows, in no particular order and without being able to remember exactly which night was which performance-----but I DID watch all of these corps every night of the three nights.

Crossmen- First of all, it is just good seeing them out there. They were better than I was lead to believe. I like the show musically, but I have two issues with them visually (both minor in nature). First, those red stripes down the pant legs aren't doing them any favors. It is not because they aren't marching well, because they actually ARE. The trouble is the color---the red just doesn't contrast with nthe black well enough imo, and it makes them look fuzzy. Kudos for doing the stripes, but they're not helping them. The other issue is the way the hornline holds their horns in the "down" position....very very low--almost waist level---it just looks too old school for me, I'm 47 years old! Nice show overall, however.

Blue Knights- "Dark Dances" says it all...they have managed to out Glassmen the Glassmen. The show is relatively clean and performed well overall (except for the glaring opening set problem in Allentown) but it just doesn't move me.

Boston Crusaders- ok--I am biased here, BUT I would echo what most reviewers have said already-----very audience friendly, exciting, engaging, and a tremendous color guard product this year. Not as clean as Blue Knights, but with continued cleaning and some music and drill changes already planned, they could take a step up. Boston does Latin well, and it is a really fun show to watch this year. Very 2000/2003!

Carolina Crown- I have NEVER been a fan of this corps---until now. A truly well-programmed and performed show. Good for them in making the move they are. The show is really fun to watch---and again, very audience friendly---the horse visuals are a gas! Congrats, Crown.

Phantom Regiment- Sorry folks, I just can't get into this show. It is performed well, and the last 30 seconds of it has the hornline in a full out run while playing fortissimo. This show does not engage me in the way that others do. A great drum corps but other show are better programmed this year, imo.

Cadets- I join the chorus of people who dislike the narration, and I'm not really a big Cadets fan. Having said that, they play and march their a$$e$ off, and after seeing them in Allentown, I predict they will win it all in August. No one will compare with them by then imo. Not my favorite corps, or even my preference to win, but if I were judging, I would be forced to give them the top number. If they would just get rid of the narration........

Anyway, just a few thoughts...if I get time, I'll try to do an Allentown 1&2 this week.

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Post by LAMystreaux » Wed Jul 11, 2007 6:32 pm

Thanks for the review(s), Craig. I am truly looking forward to seeing BAC next week!
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