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Dallas Review

Post by LAMystreaux » Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:03 am

Very, very quick Dallas review (because its 1:46 AM and I have to be up at 6:30 to head to San Antonio):

Frontier-I have not seen much in the way of DCA corps so I do not know what is the norm here. They were pretty bad if I am being honest. It looked like a few people had no idea where to go, and the drill did not make much sense at all. I was thinking with this being a home show for them sort of there should not have been any holes. Some decent sounds with the hornline, and the 5-man percussion crew did a nice job. Thanks for the effort.

Southwind-They are once again one of the most entertaining corps of the summer. Nice concept, and strong in all sections. I really enjoyed the show.

Mandarins-They really did not have my attention until the last ¼ of their show. What I do remember is that a smaller hornline than most other div 1’s is really putting out some sound. Solid corps.

Colts-Wow! Have they ever been this good? I loved the show. . .every moment of it. It would be awesome to see this show in the top 10.

Crossmen-Huge ovation to start the show as Dan Potter gave a short speech about the move to TX. They had some issues with the opener tonight. . .nerves maybe. The show is flowing better as they have taken some stuff out and have given the hornline some down time. The guard and the percussion are the strength. The hornline has yet to find a punch. They never really wowed me with power. I still am in love with the show and am hoping for a strong finish to the summer for them.

Blue Knights-Great show! It of course does not communicate well to everyone, but wow are they good. This is one of my favorite shows from BK in long time. . .maybe since 2000.

Carolina Crown-Wowwowwowwowwow! How is this corps not beating Phantom?! Not only are they getting quite clean, they have the total package. If GE is about communicating a theme and having a well-integrated show, then Crown should score a perfect GE score. They envelope you in their theme from the first downbeat and don’t let you go. They had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. By far the crowd favorite tonight!

Phantom Regiment-Really good corps that has been given a so-so product. The music is pretty darn good. The guard I still don’t get. I know what they are trying to do, but I don’t think they chose the right costumes or movement to portray the theme. The visual product is barely top 8, imo, even with some recent changes, they are nowhere near the other corps in their tier (SCV, Crown, BC) when it comes to a visual program. The hornline is very loud, but at the sake of tone quality. I heard many individuals sticking out and several times tonight the mellos and baritone voices cut through like a knife. . .in a bad way. Again, this is a good corps, but right now I feel it is being overrated by the judges and some of their fans.

The Cadets-Really strong show. It is odd though seeing a Cadets show with guard “issues”. This may be their undoing when it comes to gaining (or not) their 10th championship.

BD-Another really strong corps. The 2nd half still is a bore for me and everyone around me. The space chords come out of nowhere and seem out of place. Other than that the first half of the show is great. I am not convinced they will win, but I am not convinced for Cadets either. I will have a better informed opinion on that after Saturday, I hope.

Great night of drum corps but a big BOO to whoever could not fix the audio issues in the stadium. From BK’s show on to the end we heard static and popping over the loudspeaker during every single show.
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Post by frankiE » Fri Jul 20, 2007 4:53 am

Great Review Michael - THANKS!

Enjoy your live viewings, it is a very good year.

I agree fully about Crown and Phantom Regiment

Nice that none of the horses have broken from the pack, coming down the
backstretch and the race is still up for grabs.
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