Quarterfinal Thoughts from Jersey ( Regal North Brunswick )

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Quarterfinal Thoughts from Jersey ( Regal North Brunswick )

Post by frankiE » Mon Aug 13, 2007 5:21 am

I can't believe what a good time I had ( except for the failure to hook up with Mike Davis at the theater ). Last year it was poorly attended, this year it was a sellout! The crowd was cheering, booing, laughing and very vocal with appreciation for all the fine work of the performers, even though they could not hear it. Crowd went berserk when Jersey Surf appeared on screen, and the theater almost collapsed in laughter at the cameo comic relief caught on screen ( performer displaying "gameface").

Here are some quick thoughts on some corps (IMHO)

Best Performance - Blue Devils - I was not a fan, I am now. BD puts the good in bad, like a heavyweight boxer going for the knockout!

Favorite Performance - Phantom Regiment - I love this show, and don't buy the weak visual BS, yes they are different ( thankfully ). I wouldn't consider their placement a downer, it was a great year.

Most overscored corps based on prior reputation- The Cavaliers. IMHO this show was not upper echelon in design or execution . At the quarters the clips of previous years emphasized the dramatic difference.

Best Design - Carolina Crown. Jersey crowd seems to have adopted Crown as the homecorps, theater was going crazy. Narration did not seem needed to me, show spoke for itself. Did anyone else notice that Crown is now one of the Yamaha corps? IMHO there is a different tone.

Best Move - Don't know if it was due to heat, but Blue Knight's guard was not wearing those see through sequin overlays - I really enjoyed their program, especially that the guard looked like a guard and not medieval reenactors.

Way to Go - Spirit from JSU - deserved to be in the finals and fought to get there

The Hopkins Award - George! In basketball a coach gets himself T'ed, in football a coach may order a cheap hit, in baseball a manager may have a pitcher plunk a batter, and ( IMHO ) George realized where things were headed and tried to alter the dynamics - unfortunately it seems Cadets came out shaky and a tad fast, and those nasty Concordians simply notched up the pressure.

Please Do It - Bluecoats - every year they threaten to unleash the brass in finals and I have yet to hear it, take a lesson from The Cadets - let it loose ( please )

Glassmen are not boring - Academy is good ( neat program ) Colts are moving! Crusaders should have used that ending much earlier- corps is really good!

To All performers - you should all be proud - it seems to get better each year -
wherever you go there you are

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