Clifton, NJ July 5...Review

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Clifton, NJ July 5...Review

Post by frankiE » Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:57 pm

Just got in, here are my thoughts on the show. :D

It rained until one hour before the start, and then a horizon to horizon rainbow appeared for 45 minutes. Heavy, humid air around 75 degress.
Clifton HS stadium, great for sound, rough for viewing as not very high, I was lucky to be in the next to the last row. One of the best dc crowds you will ever see, polite, appreciative, and they let the corps know it :!:

A very professionally run show, kudos to the folks from YEA.

A set of twins sang the National Anthem, great voice, but I wish these folks would cease with the styling of the anthem, it's about the song, not the performers ( get out your stopwatches ) :evil:

First up were The Spartans, with 14 brass giving it their all. A great full size percussion section, also short in guard. A noble effort on the kids part, I wish the political adults were as tenacious as these kids ( staff unrest )

Next was Jersey Surf, hard to believe less than a year ago they lost to The Spartans - good size corps, solid in all areas- heading in the right direction for sure.

The Wayne Raiders were much like The Spartans, pretty full percussion, in their case a few more horns and guard, a good effort for the corps and the hometown Raider fans were happy with their performance, as was I.

Intermission- inductees into the Cadets HOF, featuring Al Chez.

Crossmen led off the second half, IMHO the B+W look is very appealing, as is their talent level and show design. I loved the percussion, and if they can clean the feet, IMHO finals are within their grasp.

BAC - Holy Cow Batman :clap: - the hype is for real! Great brass, percussion and guard, a very appealing show design with lots of demand.
The only thing I would offer would be to get into Conquest a little faster and smoother, the prior huge brass hit seems like the end. Top 8 is certainly an attainable number for BAC.

Carolina Crown - OMG if you loved the brass last year this will flatten you!
They are playing (IMHO) with much more control - still have volume - and the sixteen tubas made this old contra bass player's night. IMHO the show concept works, all sections featured, very good drill book and percussion seems a step up from last year. The surprise to me was the guard seemed to be a little in the backgound, I suspect that will change. I loved Clair de Lune, as usual crowd went bonkers for Crown.

OK , get ready to ban me from Crustacean-land :?:

Cadets are lights out :!: Brass, percussion, guard are all worthy of top box (IMHO) . I know, here comes the disclaimer, but sorry, none from me- this is the first effective use of narration I have heard in Drumcorps- it flows with the music- the storyline may be cheesy to us elders, but try thinking like a youngin- it is actually not as annoying as last year ( IMHO)
Those of you who love a Gino hornline, an Augnst percussion section, and a the Sactig ( sp?) drill book will love the 2008 Cadets of YEA, IMHO definately in the hunt for Numero Uno :shock:

Finishing up a great evening were the Top Bananas, and Bridgemen rocked the house with spectacular sound, and a lot of laughter as they were back with a few old comic relief stunts.

Thats it from NJ, a great night for corps, and IMHO the scores were pretty much right on.

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Post by rysa4 » Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:09 pm

Thanks for the review.


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Re: Clifton, NJ July 5

Post by Reg_Contra_95_99 » Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:15 pm

frankiE wrote:cease with the styling of the anthem, it's about the song, not the performers ( get out your stopwatches )

THANK YOU!!!! I could NOT agree more!!!
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