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Post by Malibu » Sat Jul 12, 2008 6:33 am

LAMystreaux wrote:
Jim Anello wrote:
LAMystreaux wrote:
Jim Anello wrote: Isn't Leesville near Ft. Polk?

It pretty much is Ft. Polk. It is all one big community so to speak. How Ft. Polk goes, Leesville goes. They are supposedly bringing in more troops here in the coming year, which everyone is happy about.
I thought I recognized the city's name! I was stationed at Fort Polk for basic training in the summer of 1971. Hope your air conditioning is good. It's HOT down there!
We moved back here when I was 6 in 1980. I lived the first years of my life in Temple, TX. My wife got a job out at Ft. Polk (social work job). Man, the base is big and really nice. People can say what they want about our government, but they do take care of the military and their families.
I had no idea that you were that younger than me. By 1980, I had been out of high school for two years and was in my second year with Crossmen.
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