Milton, GA Review & Scores

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Milton, GA Review & Scores

Post by chadwick » Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:26 am

First, here are the actual scores:

World Class
1. The Cadets - 84.95
2. Boston Crusaders - 78.1
3. Blue Stars - 76.9
4. Glassmen - 76.0
5. Spirit - 73.7
6. Colts - 73.6

Open Class
1. Teal Sound - 73.15

1. Atlanta CorpsVets - 69.6
Alliance - Exhibition

Well, the rain and lightning ended up holding off with most of it staing in the city and south of the city. Milton is a northern suburb of Atlanta. The stadium was pretty nice, great parking, nice volunteers. The stands don't go to high, but we were able to get $15 general admission seats 2nd row from the top on the 40-45 yard line....not to shabby! The crowd however, wasn't very into the shows....not many standing o's, not many yells. Pretty good turnout though considering the weather....I imagine it was pouring where some people lived and they didn't make the trek.

First time I have seen this all-age corps based out of Atlanta. Honestly don't have much to say...not the most memorable and lots to work on, but you can tell they are working hard at it.

Atlanta CorpsVets
I have seen them a few times in years past, and I think this is the best I have ever seen them. Their guard was larger and better than I remember. Never had the opportunity to see other DCA corps, but I imagine they will be pretty competitive.

Teal Sound
I have always really enjoyed watching this corps over the past several seasons and this year's show didn't disappoint. Great music, challenging drill, great integration of the guard. Given their current scores and the fact they still have some cleaning to do, I wouldn't be surised if they challenge for the 3rd to 5th place spots at Finals.

The intermission was to following after Blue Stars and Glassmen but one of the corps was stuck in traffic so they changed it to go right after Teal Sound. Not a bad idea, a lot more fans should up during this time.

Blue Stars
Very entertaining show but I agree with some people that the guard may actually be too large this year. There is just too many of them in my opinion. They also had numerous drops which surprised me. The corps was very enjoyable and the drill is a step up from last year. I did notice a couple holes. If I recall, they did not have a cymbal line....perhaps the only Open Class I saw not to? I can't remember.

One of my friends knew some Glassmen folks and we ended up sitting with one of the former Glassmen drum majors which was interesting. All of us agreed though, that this year's show just wasn't as entertaining as the past couple of years. I'm not a huge fan of the trunks, nor do I like the girl in purple that prances around with balloons. I wonder what they will do in the dome venues....I know the Georgia Dome has very strict policies sbout helium balloons in the venue and it can be quite expensive to have them removed from the ceiling following an event.

I love that red! I'm very happy they kept this from last year, it just makes them 'pop' so much more from the stands than their former uniforms. Similar to Glassmen, this year's Colts show just isn't as entertaining as last year's was for me. I enjoyed watching the feature baton twirler, but I see why some say he doesn't really fit into the show and is a distraction. He had a couple of big drops, and of course you hear that loud 'oohhh' from the crowd.....he is so exposed! Interesting to see the big gap between them and Glassmen/Blue Stars....I thought they would be closer to Glassmen.

Boston Crusaders
I was really looking forward to this show based on what I have read so far. The loud moments were great....but there were points were my interest waned. Enjoyable show....nice big hits, but their guard seemed to be a little off last night. I can see why their score has stagnated the past week or so.

The Cadets
Having read many disappointing reviews on this show, I expected to hate it. I am almost certain they took out some of the narration because there wasn't too much of it. The story line is odd, and doesn't really fit drum corps, but the corps themselves are enjoyable to watch. Fast drill, great guard work, good music. Maybe they will continue to reduce some of the narration? Doubtful, but one can hope. I'd be surprised if they finish higher than 4th this year.

No more 'of JSU'...kind of weird. The crowd was probably most receptive to them given that it was their show. I had also read that this show was lost on some people in other reviews, but I actually enjoyed it and thought the drill was better and more challenging than in year's past. Their drumline is smoking, hence their great scores here, but their guard was way off last night...lots of drops and the flags just weren't together many times. They might just be a strong threat for Finals this year afterall.

My placements
1. The Cadets
(4 point gap)

2. Boston Crusaders
(3 point gap)

3. Blue Stars
(2 point gap)

4. Spirit
5. Colts
6. Glassmen
(last three within a point of each other)

Looking forward to the Atlanta show! Can't wait to see Phantom, Crown, BD and SCV!

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Post by Chadams » Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:42 pm

Thanks for the review.

Agreed on Boston - great show, a few unmemorable moments.

I was surprised to this show's scores, since the past weeks had the Colts higher and Glassmen not as high. You can tell who's been cleaning and revising, and who's scores have been affected by the full roster of judges. Interesting developments, for sure.

Also, a show from the same night or night after has Blue Knights scoring above all of these corps (except for Cadets). Also quite surprising to see Blue Devils break away from PR, who are breaking away from SCV.
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