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San Antonio Evening Review

Post by Teaves1112 » Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:02 am

This is my second time to see the DCI Southwest Championship live. I will try to write a review free of any biases but keep in mind that that's nearly impossible. Enjoy!

Crossmen 77.275 - The Crossmen had an absolutely outstanding performance featuring a smokin' hot hornline. More than likely the corps rise to finals was due to their enthusiasm at the afternoon show fueled by their home crowd. Texas was alive with Crossmen pride as they cheered and chanted the Crossmen before they even took the field. They deserved what they got as far as placement but they were definitely one of the most exciting corps I saw that night.

Glassmen 79.950 - I have to admit, I wasn't jumping out of my seat when this corps took the field. The Glassmen just never blew me away in the past. They've been struggling with finances and finding the corps identity. But you wouldn't have known it by watching them Saturday night. The corps had the crowd on their feet by the end of their show "Kar-ne-vel." The show featured great coreography, secret chests, and even balloons... good times... UPDATE! During both of the Glassmen's performances on Saturday I noticed a large British Union flag flying near the front row of the stands. I didn't think much of it, in fact I didn't even realize that it was the Glassmen's performance both times I saw the flag. Turns out the flag waver is a man by the name of Vivian Whittaker of Drum Corps Europe. There is a great story about it posted now on sorry just thought that was interesting.

Blue Stars 80.675 - Welcome back to finals blue stars. A very interesting repertoire. Very innovative music and colorguard. Loved the coreography in the guard, they're actually dressed in bikers clothing and helmets for their show "Le Tour: Every Second Counts." That new uniform is still growing on me... What's with that hat??? Great show Stars!

Boston Crusaders 82.450 - I was thoroughly excited about the Crusaders program "NeoCosmos" after I heard about it on Dci's "Field Pass." The Corps was just as classy as ever as they put on a technically impressive show. Things were pretty flat lined until the final movement, the Boston Crusaders showed off their horn line and drill innovation and pulled off a great performance in San Antonio.

Blue Knights 82.700 - The Blue Knights came to finals after receiving 1st place in the prelims and actually gaining a position over the Boston Crusaders by 2.5 points. I can describe the Blue Knights 2008 show in one word "Risky." The show starts with Amazing Grace in a very interesting key. The pace of the show is very slow but the corps performs it very precisely. I don't expect to see them medaling this year but still a great effort from Denvers Blue Knights.

Santa Clara Vanguard 86.425 - A HUGE point jump from 8th place to DCI's Superior 7 finalist corps. The SCV came to play tonight!!! The hornline took the crowd into an unknown dimension with their innovative repertoire "3hree." This is probably the classiest corps in existence today. I fall in love with the way this corps marches every time I see them. One of the most exciting closers this year. Did they not to the famous vanguard cymbal "V" or did I just miss it? Great show SCV!

Bluecoats 86.650 - I must admit I didn't quite do my homework on this corps. I usually try to have a general knowledge of every corps every year before I start to critique. The Bluecoats made me a fan Saturday as I stood and "Bluuuuued" along with the crowd after their performance. A boxing theme with recognizable music a great guard, a gorgeous hornline (and they sing!), and one of the hardest drum books in DCI this year. Loved it loved it loved it. BLUUUUUUUUUUE!

The Cadets 88.725 - You know I'm going to have to throw a bias in here guys sorry...I have never been a fan of the Cadets shows and this year is no exception. I do think they have a great hornline, a very innovative guard, and good intentions. I don't mind the audibles but I do wish they would use them a bit differently. The problem they have is that they reach a musical and visual climax which makes the audience excited, but while the audience is excited they throw in an audible that is a bit condescending and synical and almost makes you feel sad. They confuse the audience with multiple effects invoking different emotions at once. But what do I know? It was obvious that the Cadets were a little off tonight, I saw three people fall over with a less than swift recovery. The judges noticed and the corps dropped from the legendary Big 3 down to 5th. Better luck next time Cadets.

Phantom Regiment 89.775 - Wow wow wow wow wow WOW! As a drum major I was so excited to see the drum majors really be incorporated into the performance aspect of the show. Phantoms show blew me away. They had their usual classical music with their legendary hornline and a brilliant sounding percussion. I was chanting "I AM SPAR-TI-CUS" all the way home. Brilliant, just brilliant. Director Rick Valenzuela has done a great job keeping this corps right where it should be.

Carolina Crown 90.025 - The Carolina Crown knew what they were up against and graciously accepted the challenge Saturday. First rattle out of the box their hornline made all the other corps look like kazoo players. I liked last years theme much better but reguardless, they were absolutely amazing this year. They have way improved their marching over last year. I also have to give props to their Drum Major, I've forgotten the name but that guy knew how to "Conduct with Expression" and I atribute a lot of that corps energy to his direction. Great Job Crown conductor dude... Great performance crown, they deserved that medal.

The Cavaliers 90.975 - HOLY $#!^!!!! Wow! The Green Machine had an awesome show! The hornline, the ensemble, and the drill all pieced together into a spectacular show of "Samurai." The hornline impressed me in a lot of ways, they showed off their volume right at the beginning of the show with a great fanfare and then showed that they could do the technical stuff just as well (something absent in most other shows). Then again i was disappointed in a way, this corps has always "caught crap" about their hornline. I am here to confirm that yes, outside of that first brilliant fanfare, the hornline never quite reaches another great climax and yes, most of their more technical stuff is done while standing still... I thought their blend of music and visual was effective nonetheless, a very well designed show. Guard was great as usual dressed in authentic looking samurai clothing. The percussion and brass both had some incredible visual stuff going on in the third movement. Though I did see a hornline player fall right on the 50 in the front. But reguardless WHAT A SHOW! They're only 2nd?!

The Blue Devils 92.375 - The show was "Constantly Risking Absurdity." This corps does a great job of combining goofy and serious. I won't say it's my favorite show but it does have a lot of good stuff going for it. Another innovative drumline, screaming sopranos, and a great performing guard. I would like to see a little more balance and blend, some full brass moments, sometimes I think this corps cheats their low brass. It's the show to beat and they may be looking at another world title. Great job BD.

Best Drum Major: Carolina Crown
Best Show: The Cavaliers
Best Brass: Carolina Crown
Best Performance: Blue Devils
Best Percussion: Phantom Regiment
Best Colorguard: The Cavaliers
Most Improved: Crossmen

Thanks for reading guys!
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Post by chadwick » Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:45 am

Thanks for the great review!

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Post by cavies79 » Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:47 am

Great review! I missed San Antonio this year for the first time in a long, long time. :(

But, I'll be there next year. :)
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