7-27...Charlotte, NC

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7-27...Charlotte, NC

Post by Malibu » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:33 pm

World Class
Blue Devils 93.950
The Cavaliers 93.100
Carolina Crown 92.350
Blue Knights 86.350
Boston Crusaders 84.250
Glassmen 82.350
Crossmen 79.700
Pioneer 69.500

I just don't understand how Crossmen went down 3 points!
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Charlotte - Booo

Post by poyntafter » Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:46 pm

I'm just going to make a comment on the venue. The Corps were fantastic. The venue people were more concerned about rules than a comfortable experience. I marched in the 70's and have been to many many drum corps events. I have never experienced such a poorly run venue...ever. There were three entry and exit points for both the upper and lower levels, THREE. There were around 6000 people. The tunnel was cramped and you had to buy tokens to buy anything, never mind that during the 30 minute intermission one could not hope to leave and then re-enter in time. Imagine your worst nightmare for lines and in-efficiency and it was this night. Handicapped no way I watched them place a 90 year old woman (she was really 90) on a closed and boarded entry/exit point because there was no place for her wheel chair... Weather: Never mind that it was hot and muggy (upper 80's) and entering through the bowels of the stadium must have pushed that temperature far north. They actually roped off the performances so no-one can enter the seating area, during the National Anthem, after the National Anthem and prior to the first corps performance. We waited in this sauna for over 20 minutes just to enter the seating area. There were children and older adults caught up in this. Match this with their inability to allow spectators to enter and exit between performances was quite poor. A complete safety issue and poorly run venue. The ushers acknowledged this but stated that these were the rules. These men wore Marine Corps caps and they should be ashamed for working in a manner to allow to have continued. Booo. I can not imagine the fire department authorizing such a sham. Rodinero passed right by me, I yelled to him to let the people in, nothing. I respected him until this evening. He saw what was happening and did nothing, nothing other than make tasteless commentary. I would say that the person putting this together is OCD (rules to the max) and off their meds. I will never attend this venue again, and hope others will make their experiences known.

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Post by c_limbau » Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:50 pm

I wholeheartedly agree. Time to move from the aweful Memorial Stadium to Carolina Panthers stadium just a few minutes down the road next year.

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Post by splat-a-drag-a-phonium » Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:28 am

Poyntafter, you are correct…………Memorial Stadium is an absolute dump to conduct a show in and in no way is it going to be comfortable. It’s one of those things we just deal with when going.

It was built long before spectator comforts were ever considered and never has money been spent on updating it (stating the obvious). The concessions have been condemned for close to 10 years now which explains why all the food is outside the gate (the restrooms were also condemned but have been fixed……marginally). The stadium is run by Charlotte Parks & Rec Department…so the rules are their’s. The city has been looking at demolishing it for many years and build another facility……it’s a money issue. The only real use it gets is NB. Some of the local high school football teams use it for big games……but they only bring in a couple thousand people that are spread over the entire horseshoe not on one side 30-30 like NB.

On using the Panther’s stadium. Not going to happen in this lifetime. The word has always been that the NFL owns the field and the Richardson family owns the stadium around it (which is an unlikely story as other NFL stadiums are used for other shows). But since it’s was a privately funded stadium, they can make their own rules. I know once the stadium was built, several different groups have been trying to get at least a regional and even finals held there with no obvious luck.

The weather......welcome to the south during the summer. It has been much much worse.

The best hope in the future is UNC Charlotte. They are looking to add football and I bet once they have a stadium up and running NightBEAT will move to there. no insight, just a guess.

I believe the NightBEAT show committee needs to hear feedback like this. I know over the years many have not gone to this show and travel much further because of the same reasons.

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