Walnut California Show

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Walnut California Show

Post by BigMo » Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:37 pm

BigMo and Mrs. BigMo are in California visiting the manchild and just attened the show in Walnut, California. Here is my review.....remember this is a review from someone from Georgia who usually sees early shows on the east coast.

Open Class
the scores say it all. most of these corps did not march their entire show. it's early. I think the order of finish is spot on. I was very impressed with Gold. They have a good show concept and a nice full sound. They were the only open class corps that didn't seem to have intonation problems. (Do the horn techs spend any time tuning the horns before they go on the field?)

World Class
The order of finish is not the way I saw it, nor Mrs. BigMo or the Manchild.

Better than i expected and a better show concept than they have had in the past few years. But the drill is still a little to "high school" for me. AND TUNE THOSE HORNS BEFORE YOU ENTER THE FIELD! They had less park and blow than in the past which is a positive. All in all, not bad but not a top 17 contender, IMHO

I am always pleased with how clean this group is, year after year. This year, the music is awesome, with excellent arrangements, and well performed. They were clean for this early in the year. However, TURN DOWN THE AMPS ON THE PIT. When you can't hear the horns for the pit, you have a problem!

Excellent performance of a very entertaining show. A real Drum corps show. I look for this group to make some noise in the 13-17 place range, and may even challenge for top 12.

In my opinion the judges missed this one. SCV was by far the best corps of the night. This is a challenger for a top 3 position, if not #1! EXTREMELY musical a designed with all the appropriate impact points. Look out for SCV!

As usual, awesome. Well designed, well performed but a more attainable show than the past few years. I really liked it, but still thought SCV out performed them tonight.

In my opinion, there should have been a bigger point spread between Pacific Crest and Mandarins. And I would have had SCV ahead of Blue Devils.
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Re: Walnut California Show

Post by Malibu » Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:12 am

Thanks Big Mo for the review. I've been hearing some good reports too about SCV. They may be the dark horse in the end.
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