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July 8th Ogden, UT scores
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Author:  Luvah [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  July 8th Ogden, UT scores

1. Blue Devils 87.05
2. Santa Clara Vanguard 84.9
3. Blue Coats 83.1
4. Blue Knights 80.15
5. Troopers 75.7
6. Cascades 66

Open Class:
Oregon Crusaders 64.65

Comments on the recap:

It looks like my idea that the top 7 are very crowded isn't true after all. The judges really do seem to prefer the Blue Devils by a healthy margin over Santa Clara across the board. It doesn't seem at this point that the Blue Devils will fall out of the top 4. It also seems unlikely to me that the Blue Coats could catch Santa Clara-- they are down 1.1 in the visual caption. The Blue Coats strong points are brass and drum tech--and there is no room to build any kind of margin in those captions that would make up for their what they are losing in the visual caption. For Blue Coats fans, (me), its exciting to see them score so well in drum tech--they've got a shot to win that caption (along w/ several other lines).

I wish I could go see some of this weekend's action. There is some drama building as we see some mixture of the east and west tours in the opening DCI events Saturday.

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