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Denver Reflections

Post by Mark » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:19 pm

It has been a CRAZY month since Drums Along the Rockies here in Denver. (I can't belive it's been a month and I haven't been onto this site!) Anyway, with Indianapolis just around the corner, I thought I throw out a few thoughts...

I attended both the Loveland Show (Friday) and the Denver Show (Saturday). World Class Corps in attendance were:

Cascades - "Pandora's Box"

Nice show wiith a decent performance. First off, I'm not a huge fan of large props. However, if you are going to have props, at least use them and have them relate to the show. Cascades did both. Could they have used them better? Sure, but their performance was strong. Special kudos to the kids for the Denver performance. They had to stop their show mid performance and evacuate the field due to lightning. After a 1/2 hour rain delay and another 1/2 hour intermission, they were able to perform their show again from the beginning. The Pandora's Box prop did not fare very well when wet, but the kids kept the energy up in their second performance.

The Academy - "Re: React, Reverb, Repeat"
Fantastic show! It was this show that really picked up the energy level in Loveland. They have a nice full sound, good visual design, and a strong overall show design. This was one of my favorite shows of the evening.

Blue Knights - "An English Folk Song Suite"

Strong and accessible show this year from the home town corps. A strong performance across the board. The show doesn't have the dark sound that I've grown to love, but overall a very enjoyable show. I see them sticking in the hunt for a strong showing at finals.

Sanata Clara Vanguard - "The Devils Staircase"
Insane show. I don't know who was listening to this music thinking "this is perfect for drum corps". The music is crazy and will be hard to swallow for some viewers. I loved it! I thoght that the corps really performed the heck out of the show. They had a lot of room to clean. It will be fun to see where this one ends up. One of my favorites of the evening.

Phantom Regiment - "Juliet"
Beautiful show! The musical portion of this program was simply stunning. They have a gorgeous sound and great music. Simply beautiful on all counts. I can't wait to see where they can take this show by seasons end. I feel this will be many peoples favorite shows of the year. It is certainly mine.

Blue Devis - "The Beat My Heat Skipped"
After last year I was praying for an approachable show from the Blue Devils. It is definitely more approachable than last year (I even recognized some of the music), but they still use a lot of props. Strong performance, but not quite my cup of tea. I'm certain that they will be in the hunt at the very top all the way to the end.

The Cadets - "Angels & Demons"
Great show! This is a complex and interesting show. The corps is separated into Angels (all white uniforms) and Demons (all burgandy uniforms). The mixed uniforms allows for some unique and brilliant visuals either mixing or contrasting the two uniforms. The drum solo / battle scene in the middle was brilliant. I was actually hoping for a little more of the signature whiplash Cadet's drill for the finish, but overall a very strong and intreguing show.

Final Thoughts: Great performances across the board. This looks to be a pretty strong year. Thanks to all the kids/parents/staff/etc. that put their all into these shows. What a great night!

Sorry for the massive delay on this review. :oops:

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