Magic's scoring = seesaw

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Magic's scoring = seesaw

Post by ageout02 » Sun Jul 07, 2002 9:06 pm

Magic's score has been all over the map so far this summer. It's now apparent that the DCI judging community is lost in where to "place" the corps in terms of slotting, score, etc. No other corps this summer has seen their score fall 5 points in one night, then jump back up 2,3,5 points another night, not once, but TWICE!
Heres a recap of Magic's scores so far:
73.4, 74.4, 75.5, 70.5?, 76.9?, 77.3, 77.6, 82.3?, 84.9, 79.79?, 82.05

This "seesaw" effect is clearly caused by the judging communities lack of confidence in scoring Magic from night to night or panel to panel. Is this a result of Magic being forced to tour the summer in Div II with judges clearly seeing the product on the field somewhere between Div II champ and Div I finials and are left in a scoring no mans land?
Here is a quote from a seasoned drum corps critic about Magic at Hershey:

Really nice job Magic! Score In DIV II: 79.79 seemed low for me on those score sheets. Based on prior DCI scoring in DIV II, I would have had them in the mid-80’s. Should be DIV I, IMO. The program is written for finals.

Unfortunately, with this kind of scoring seesaw, the CORPS is the one losing out. :cry:
DCI & Judges PLEASE figure it out soon. :oops:

Stay the course Magic!

ageout 02

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Re: Magic's scoring = seesaw

Post by Bandmaster » Sun Jul 07, 2002 9:25 pm

What you are talking about is nothing new! It happens to almost every corps almost every year. Unless the same people make up every judging panel, you will always have variations. The judges have NOT singled out Magic for punishment. It is just part of system, so get over it... :|
Dave Schaafsma
The Sound Machine

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