Is it harder to scream on Bbs than Gs?

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Post by WE ARE SPARTACI » Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:19 am

Blurae1 wrote:I think you need to keep in mind 2 things:

1. The purpose of drum & bugle corps in the old days was to keep kids off the streets as much as to present a musical performance.

2. The disproportinate rise in the cost of putting a drum corps on the field.

It's been mentioned many times before but...

3. HS marching bands have become more competitive and sophisticated over the years, largely due to the influx of former DCI members entering the instructional and teaching ranks. For some kids, doing DCI on top of an already demanding rehearsal and competitive schedule would be too much. When I was in HS, I gladly marched in a fledgling corps to get the corps experience. My HS band was very good, but nowhere near the intensity of some of today's BOA units. Even non-BOA bands that only compete locally can require a lot of time and effort from the students.

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