Band Camp Check List

Please check over all of the things that you are going to bring to band camp. The following are the most important things that you will need. Make sure that you put a check mark by each of the following items.

Check     Sleeping bag
Check     Pillow
Check     Towel
Check     Shampoo and soap
Check     Toothbrush and toothpaste
Check     Deodorant
Check     Hairbrush or comb
Check     Shaving supplies
Check     Sun block or sun tan lotion
Check     Instrument and music folder

The next items that you should double check are items of clothing that you should have enough changes (3 or 4) of to last the weekend.

Check     Pants or shorts (if you burn easily bring pants)
Check     Shirts or tank tops (if you burn easily bring long-sleeve)
Check     Underwear
Check     Socks
Check     Shoes (in addition to your marching shoes)
Check     Hat and bandanna or wash cloth (to protect your face and neck)

There are two things that are required for all band camps, and they are SUN BLOCK OR SUN TAN LOTION and MARCHING SHOES. These items have proven to be very valuable at previous band camps and will now be required! Also please bring a hat to protect your face and a bandanna or wash cloth to keep your neck cool and protected, so that after you learn your field drill, we don't have to scrape you up off the field, because you have melted to the 50 yard line!!!!!

Everyone from the Drum-Major Staff and the Instructional Staff would appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Just remember, everyone out on that field is just as important as you are, so please help one another, and have everyone work together as a team!!!!!


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