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Show Reviews - As Posted on RAMD!

Page Nine of Reviews

Listed are the dates and the show site, the reviews will be filled in, if and when they are available or submitted.  The following reviews are solely the opinion of the reviewers.  If you disagree with any comments, feel free to email the author, all reviews are signed with an email address.  If you want to add your review to this page, send any reviews, comments or questions to:
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Saturday July 29
Murfreesboro, TN #2 (DCI)

Alright, here are some thoughts from the two days I just spent at DCI Mid-America. A little info. about me first: I marched division 1 for four years and taught for 4 years after that. I currently teach percussion at the university level. I was traveling with two other band directors from my college and some of my students. I BY NO MEANS claim to be an expert. these are just my humble thoughts from the show, so please no jumping on here and saying I am stupid because my opinion is different than yours. I wouldn't do that to you so please don't do that to me (isn't too bad we actually have to include such statements on here?). I will not comment on every corps, just the ones I can think of something to say about.

Blue Devils: I really enjoyed their horn book for the first two thirds of the show. The closer lost me a little bit (not really sure why). My main problem with them is I thought their drum line was distracting. I felt that the brass would set up some really nice moments through the show and then the drums would come in playing real loud or a lot of notes (or both) and really detracted from what the brass were doing, rather than enhancing it.

Cadets: I like the new ending !!!! I think this corps is pretty clean and has a very entertaining show with something for everyone. I also think their percussion writing is better than I have heard from them the last few years. They could win it all, if they don't peak too early.

Cavaliers: After the show on the field I was not too sure if I liked them or not. I thought they were pretty clean marching wise but the drums seemed to have an off show (could be where I was sitting). But after hearing them at the victory concert I really like what they have going on musically. They have a very good chance at winning it all.

SCV: I LOVED this show. I think they have one of the best written music books on the field, with possibly the most musical percussion book on the field (I think this may be Cassella's best book yet) and I thought the drill complemented it very well. They do still have a lot of cleaning to do. If they can get it done in these last two weeks this could be our surprise champion this year.

Phantom: I also like this show a lot. They are doing a lot musically and visually, and they seem to be taking more chances than I can remember phantom taking in awhile. The drum line is MUCH improved over previous years also. Also I was glad to see the show was not as dijunct I was led to believe. Yes they are playing a lot of different pieces, but instead of just taking every major theme from the pieces and smashing them together (99 Tchaik show) it appeared that they took one or maybe two sections from each work and just used it. It reminds me much more of their 96 show. Still lots of cleaning to do but a big step back in the right direction.

Glassmen: Great performance. This corps is very clean and performs very well. I like the musical and visual programs. BUT, there is something missing. They just don't seem to grab you and say "You will watch me now and you will like it !!!!". Don't know exactly what it is they are missing. They may be the cleanest corps on the field but it just seems lacking.

Crossmen: The old crossmen seem to be re-emerging this year. Now it is not the groove machine of the past but I like what is going on here. I also think the musical arrangements are very good this year.

Bluecoats: This is actually the first Coats show I have ever liked. Very enjoyable music to listen to and well performed.

Blue Knights: Great program. The musical and visual programs both work very well together and the corps seems to be performing at a very high level. Possibly one of the best drum-lines I heard all weekend (go Ralph).

Madison: Again I liked the show design of this show and I think the musical and visual books are much better than they have had since probably 95. But (here comes the flame material :^) ) I just don't think they are very clean. I saw them rehearse that afternoon and thought it went much better than the performance. The show is very exciting, but it would be even MORE exciting if it was performed better. yes they do a lot of neat drill that gets the crowd going, but imagine what would happen if the lines were straight as they did it !!! I think this is a potential championship design, but it is probably 8-10th place execution right now.

Boston: I really liked the design of this show. Thought the rope drums were very nicely utilized. Corps plays and marches well. Singing could use a little work though.

Colts: They are getting better. The drum line has improved a lot recently as has the marching. This could be the surprise 12th place corps this year.

Southwind: Very nice musical and visual program. I didn't like some of the percussion writing (a little to busy for parts of the show) but everyone has their own taste. This is a corps that has improved greatly from when they were in Alabama.

Overall I think that the show this year are much better designed, and more entertaining than the past few years. It's interesting that if handled correctly ANY music, from Stravinsky, to Bartok In the Mood can be exciting and entertaining. It all has to do with how it is presented and performed.

As for the B-flat thing all I can say is the band directors I took with me couldn't tell a difference. They thought that cadets, bd, cavies, scv and phantom all had great horn lines (some on b-flat and some on g). Again it has to do with the performance of it, now what key the horn is in. If the b-flat horns make it better for some corps more power to them. I am going to the shows to hear the music, not what key the horns are in.

Tracy Wiggins
Freelancers 94
Black Gold 91-93

Went to Drum Corps shows #6 and #7 this weekend. Sorry for this being late. I'll combine both into one review. NOTE: Due to O'hare's typically attrocious traffic control, our flight into Nashville was 3 hours late, so only got to view the after the break corps on Friday night. That said, I'd trade the 5 shows I saw on Friday with all ten from Saturday any time. Saturday's line-up & shows from the corps just can't live up to what was on Friday Night (Cadets excepted) I'm gonna review in the order I think the corps will end up in this year, based on what I've seen so far:

1) Cavaliers. Ok, my early reviews were wrong. This corps has a total package. It's getting more and more exciting as the year progresses. Probably the best thier horn line has ever been. Hat's off to the Cavies. Guard is fantastic, although they've had major drops in both Indianapolis and Murfreesboro. If they can clean that up, they will be right up there with Cadet's guard. Drum line is simply a machine. There are some "cool" drill moves (especially the "waterfall" move about 1/3 of the way through the show with the arcs of brass anc CG falling front and center) & one lights-out move right before the last 20 seconds of the show. What does this show need to take it over the top? A last 20 seconds as intense as the build up to it. From both a musical and visual perspective, the show peaks about 20 seconds from the end right now. My guess is that something else is on the way. IF it is, they can catch Cadets. If not, they are a solid second.

2) Cadets. I will admit I'm trying to not like this show because of the switch to Bb horns, but I do like it & I think this is Cadets's best horn line in a long while. Musically, there are some tough licks & then quite a bit of horn book that is not as difficult as some years' past. Drum Line is great, and Color Guard is stupendous. Cadets seem to be recapturing some of the fan appeal they haven't held the past few years. Only Cavies have a show to catch them, and that will take a herculean effort. I'm putting Cadets second because I think Cavies have them for level of difficulty. DC is gonna be great!!!

3) Blue Devils. I don't see them any higher or lower than this. I really do enjoy their show. Great visual program. Music book is cool, but no real impact points. I love the overall Hermann "Madness" feel to the show, with the swirling/turning visual book & music. Great interpretation. This is a neat, neat show. Just not a barn burner. I can't tell if it is the Bb's or not, but I think this is the weakest BD's horn line has been in years. That BD power is just not as prevalent. I think Cavies have a more powerful horn line than BD. And BD's trumpets don't project like their sopranos have in the past. In full chords, the sound does not have enough top and bottom. Guard is wonderful, and probably the best equipment work I think I've seen out of them.

4) Santa Clara Vanguard. While they are in fourth for now, I can see someone catching them. With the next 4, any of them have that potential. SCV has a nice show, and I enjoyed it. The same "take-you-away-to-another-moment-in-time" presence Vanguard has had the last 3 years just doesn't seem to be there at this time. I agree with the other reviewer that said that SCV doesn't seem to have their usual confidence. It is apparent in their individual body carriage and marching. Very uncharacteristic posture, interval and feet problems for this late in the season. Horn line is also weak. While the power chords at the end of Adagio are impressive, I was expecting more. Stained Glass is not a real effective closer. Not enough intensity after Adagio. Guard is very physical, and movement is great. I think this is the best SCV's guard has been since '91. I hope SCV pulls it together. They are still great, but suffering in comparison to the last 3 years. My friend was so excited to see SCV for the first time ever after all my talk about them. He loved them. I wish he could have seen the last 3 years live & he would have gone bonkers. They just don't have that "mystique" yet. If they can find it, they will solidly retain their 4th place spot. If not, someone may pull out a finals week push to catch them.

5. Phantom Regiment. I will admit personal preference may have them this high. I also think they have a realistic shot at this spot. I wouldn't put them in 5th between the 2 nights in Tennessee, but I think this spot is not out of reach. Visually, the corps has found some additional meat & impact, particularly in Rite of Spring. Biggest achilles are average drill & a show that takes 3-4 minutes (near the end of Petroushka) before they hit some velocity. Musically, the book is wonderful -- intense, incredibly complex & with several very high points. It's probably one of the hardest music books ever put on the field -- by anyone. Transfigured Night just gets better and better (I do hope they unleash some additional power at the high points by finals, though). And Rite of Spring is becoming one of the highlights of the year (along with all of Boston's show). They are really starting to sell it, and some of that trademark "Phantom" is slowly starting to peak out in both Transf. Night & Rite of Spring. The closing minute of PR is still in my head 3 days later. I can see them anywhere from 5th to 8th, but they are miles ahead of the last 2 years. PS -- Phantom's white pants look stunning on the field. It takes a lot of guts these days to not wear black & cover up all your dirt. Thank you PR!!!

6. Blue Knights. Powerful, interesting show. I cannot stand the new uniforms though. Must everyone look like a darkly-attired boring high school band now? Since when does everyone need all this black? It worked for Phantom, it doesn't for everyone. It really reduces BK's visual impact from a drill perspective. While Cavies & BD have Black pants, they also have good offsetting color. Not so with BK, even down to the ugly black plumes. Guard outfits, by contrast, are the best in DCI again. They look stunning. Some great guard work too. I was expecting more excitement out of BK based on previous reviews. Perhaps it's just the 1st showing effect & I'll like them more in DC. Outstanding drum line -- I don't see how Glassmen beat them in percussion. Better total package than Glassmen, and infinitely more interesting.

7. Glassmen. This corps is such a waste of great talent. IT's time for G-men to find some new musical arrangers. The arrangements are limp & just a big tease. Everytime they start to unleash some melodic power & get you interested, they cut it right off & go back to just the pit or some soft unmelodic lines. They are improved (significantly) from Indianapolis, and are starting to march better. The first flag (The Red ones with the quasi-logo for G-men) are nice. The show overall is "nice" and getting pretty clean. The color guard unis and look looked especially unappealing after Blue Knights. I didn't dislike this show this time, but it still doesn't do that much for me. They can clean & possibly hold 5th. What they can't control is if someone below them like BK, PR or Boston can clean up what are much better programs & pass them. This is probably the best battle for 5th we have ever seen.

8) Boston Crusaders. Wow! Goose-bump city. This is what designing a drum corps show is all about. I hope Boston can keep this design team together. If they do, they will be even more of the new best thing than they are now. This corps is so much more mature than last year. They are going toe-to-toe with PR & nipping at BK & Glassmen for good reason. Horn line is gaining power as the season goes on & has double the power of last season. I, for one, realy enjoy the singing at the beginning of Con Te Partiro. It makes the horn re-entry even more emotional. And boy, does Boston have a luscious, full low brass sound. Outstanding. Do they need to clean up the signing, tune it, and add some more soprano? Yes. Does it work? YES. Drill is wonderful, too. I think Drum Line may be what costs them any spot higher than 8th -- IF ANYTHING DOES. I hope some other corps show designers are studying this Boston show very closely. This could be the future of corps shows -- fresh and new with deserved respect for past traditions. Boston is the real wild card this season -- and threatening to end my annual "Phantom is my favorite show" (well except for the past 2 years) opinion -- It's close.

9) Do Scouts deserve to be beaten by Crossmen? Right now they do not. They are also capable of catching Crossmen, I believe. As usual, overall quality of visual program and drum line are the Scout enemies. The show just doesn't have the visual sophistication of the other top corps. Most of the blame lies with the color guard & its integration into the show. Crossmen are light years ahead of Scouts in visual design & color guard. It really is time for Scouts to find a new Color Guard staff. The guard is the worst yet from Scouts, after what I thought was a nice guard last year. They just don't add impact to the show. The drum line does add impact to the show, but boy are they dirty. I think that is why so much of the crowd doesn't often understand Scouts' placement. Drum Line is hard for the crowd to judge. Do I enjoy this Scouts show? Yes. It is getting better. Horn line drill is nothing inventive, but it is exciting. I don't see Scouts higher than 9th or lower than 10th. I don't like saying that, either. I'd much rather they have a juggernaut show like 95, 97 or 99. I thought they deserved their placements each of those years, but I loved each one of those shows.

10) Crossmen. Do Crossmen deserve to be beating Scouts? It's damned close, I will say that. I think they are winning based on their visual program right now. This is a big step back in the right direction for Crossmen after last season. The corps uniform is way too dark for the show they are playing. (See the coments above on Blue Knights). I don't particularly like the guard outfit either. But, that guard can sure work some equipment. The horn line is getting stronger & fuller than they were in Chicago & Indianapolis. Still too thin, though. Especially when you compare them to Boston or PR. I like the show, and think the arrangements are pretty fresh. I don't see them as a threat to anyone above them on this list, except for Scouts, though.

11) Bluecoats. Didn't get to see them this weekend, but from previous shows, this is a wonderfully programmed show, with a great brass line. Drum line is vastly improved for 'coats. They could easily fall anywhere between 11th and 13th, but I seem them in 11th. Just a gut feeling.

12) Carolina Crown. Will admit, haven't seen them. This is totally just a guess, more based on what I don't like from Colts.

13) Colts. I have to hand it to the kids & staff with the Colts. They could easily have given this season up -- BUT THEY HAVEN'T. The are cleaning up & adding intensity to the show. The horn line is generating some real power now. Gotta love the Colts for that. I think their undoing will be the music book. Visually, they do some nice drill, but musically, there is too much modernistic, uninspiring music. They have a few nice phrases (and they stick with you). The most notable are a few ballad pieces & then the music leading up to their early season ending where they finish the next to last peice in the plus sign. The end of their show could be their undoing, though. I don't know what the staff was thinking. It just does not sell. Not melodic. Not moving. Not exciting. Just inexplicably kind of angry and dissonant. If they overcome all this and make finals anyway, I will stand up and applaud the teaching staff and kids whole-heartedly. They will have earned it.

14) Southwind. Didn't get to see them, either, but have several times this season. Southwind is a future finalist. I just don't think they have the musical maturity & marching maturity to be there quite yet. I love the music to this show. The guard adds a very classy touch as well.

15) Spirit of Atlanta. Don't know why some people were so down on them. While this show doesn't rip you out of your seat anywhere, I think it is their best show since '91. They are now taking steps up the music & marching maturity ladder. Horn line generates some nice power & is melodic. The arrangements are ok. Flag silks give Spirit some depth & polish they haven't had visually in a while, although the guard uniform is not pleasing on the eyes, or flattering to those wearing them. I hope they corps can build on their progress for next season & push to get back to finals. I've heard they are very young & have only 6 vets in the horn line. If that's true, and they can keep the corps together, they could have a bright future.

16) Pioneer. Didn't get to see them, either, but have several times before. The best Pioneer has been. Maybe they will decide to keep moving away from the Irish rut. I sure hope so. They did it this year with a very entertaining Brigadoon. The kids love to perform, and is sells their show. They might not have the maturity and polish of those above them, but they remember an old Drum Corps staple -- showmanship. Nice job, Pioneer, on a good year.

17) Troopers. Unless a Div. II corps pulls out a great show (Last year's Patriots show would catch this Troopers show), Troop may edge back into Semis. They have a nicely designed show, and are much improved. Their best work since 95. The battle moment is nice, and their arrangements of old classics are tastful and modern without losing character of the music. A corps that has more dirt musically and visually than they can hope to clean, but one that is announcing that Troop is back. Their biggest weakness is Color Guard. Please, please please work on some fundamentals and clean the guard up. They are really holding the visual program back right now.

Don't know enough about Div. II/III this year to rank the rest of the open class corps, but here is what I though:

Tarheel Sun -- I don't know what to think of this corps. At times, they seem to have taken a step forward musicality wise. At other times, the design quality of the show (and visual performance level) makes you wonder if their staff really understands Drum Corps and what it takes to put it all together. I'll have to see them again. I don't think they will make top 21.

Kiwanis Kavaliers -- Didn't get to see them, but have before. IF they can improve their sound and close up all thier holes, they might have an outside shot at top 21. The show is well-designed. It's too bad they don't have a bigger corps to perform it with.

Beatrix -- A nice surprise from Europe! They were pretty good, and exceeded my expectations. Nice, large corps. Sound was pretty thin and top heavy. That's all I remember.

Bud Phelps

Cumberland, MD (DCA)

And now, some "tape-delay" thoughts about the DCA Drumfest show held last Saturday in Cumberland, MD:

A great show, as usual! It's a pleasure to work with Bob Andrews and his Drumfest contest committee...this is easily one of the best-run, most well-promoted shows in the activity today.

Each corps is sponsored by a local business or organization; each corps is given the "red-carpet" treatment in terms of practice facilities and so forth; the show is heavily promoted through the local media and has turned into a major event for the community each year; and it's held at a nice stadium in beautiful Western Maryland. The only downside: they keep hiring me as the announcer!!!!!! (heh heh)

As far as the corps' performances:

The Reading Buccaneers did their best show of the year, in my opinion...a much-improved brass sound from recent weeks and a killer percussion section. One minor criticism: the Bucs could "loosen up" a bit during their victory encore performance.....after all, it is a SENIOR corps...I'm not saying the corps should go out of character and screw around or anything like that, but a few smiles and perhaps a bit of conversation with the audience would be nice!

The Hawthorne Caballeros were clearly the crowd favorite...a damn good job, but with a few brass timing errors evident out "on the wings" of some formations. I think the Cabs' hornline is playing so well as a general rule, that any minor problem sticks out more than it would otherwise. In any case, these errors surely will be corrected by championships over Labor Day weekend.

Connecticut Hurricanes: nice job with the "Celtic Pride" show, transporting the audience, musically and visually, to the Emerald Isle. An excellent pit percussion section and color guard really helped "set the mood."

Skyliners: the corps got off to a bit of a tentative start, then picked up steam as the performance went along, ending with a big sound and a big standing ovation. These guys play well and are a lot of fun to watch, and it's great to see them back in the thick of things in DCA!

Heat Wave: talk about having fun! Their "Postcards from Florida" show, including a sing-along, percussion feature on hibachis and coolers, and a hilarious "strip-tease," was a big hit with the audience. And drum major Vic Kulinski Jr. was looking spiffy in his "Florida Senior Citizen" uniform!!!

Steel City Alumni corps opened the show with the National Anthem and a few tunes from their parade/exhibition repertoire, and the Yankee Rebels (alumni corps) did a full field show of favorites from their past, tuning up for their Friday night exhibition performance at DCI semifinals in College Park. The U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps closed the show with a powerful performance...this has got to be the most in-tune brass section in the entire marching musical activity!

That's all, folks... after the dust settles at DCI championships, come join us in Scranton, PA, for the American Legion title show Aug.19.... it should be a great night!

Fran Haring

Friday July 28
Murfreesboro, TN #1 (DCI)

General Comments: The weather was great! Around 70 degrees and no rain (the threatening front had disssipated by that time.) Seemed to be a bigger crowd than last year. Unfortunately, we got to the stadium as Pioneer was taking the field, so I have no comments on them, Kiwanis or Taipei. Seats were just inside the 40 yard line on #2 side, row 10 of second deck. At last we were set to go!

General Disclaimer: I am a brass player by trade and a drill type. I watch the brass/percussion drill and listen to the brass/percussion. I don't watch the CG, even when they are the focus. Sorry, but that's the way I watch a show.

General Blanket Statement: I appreciate the efforts of all of the corps members, staffs, support personnel and everyone involved with keeping drum corps alive and well.

My Opinion: (What I Liked or Disliked.)

Southwind - I was wondering if Les Preludes would work on the field. Surprisingly, it did. The brass plays well, although the pitch center wavers at times. Percussion played okay. Overall a more refined sound. The visual program was okay, but I really would like to see them spread out a little more (use the backfield more). The Holst lost some clarity between the parts in the brass at times.

Carolina Crown - I like the music. The drill is much better written than past years. What I saw Friday, however, MUST have been a down show. It was just a flat performance. The marching looked tired and the individual marching was...... well......blah. I didn't get any impact from any aspect of the show. I really want this corps to break out and REALLY succeed. Hope they get it together.

Bluecoats - I like the music...... It's not Bluecoats. I never really liked the Bluecoats arrangements before (with the exception of last year) so I guess I can let it grow on me (and honestly, I think it will). The brass plays well, yet it seems reserved. Visually, the drops on the front sideline sometimes get in the way visually. Overall, a good program.

Phantom Regiment - 1) New unis - They are growing on me. I actually like them, I think. However, lose the tassel at the end of the sash and the belt. The belt is cutting them in two. Makes them look short. change those two things and I'll really like it. 2) Welcome Back, Phantom!!!!! This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The drill is well written and is executed fairly well. Yes, there still some cleaning to be done, but I like this package. Friday night they seemed to have some of that Phantom spark that has been missing from years past. A confidence, a surety. Go to Wal Mart and buy some more!!!! The end needs some attention, but this show is really cool. (More opinion - They were better than Boston. Performed cleaner. Better visual program... although the judges disagree) I'd like to hear more bottom in the brass, but this seems to be an arrangement issue.

Boston - Entertaining. Very GE oriented. Not clean, both musically and visually. Sorry, but it really looks muddy on the field. The singing needs to be worked on, primarily getting a more projected sound out of them. Really like Red. And yes, my opinion is that they are scoring higher than they are performing.

SCV - This show is growing on me. However, they need to go to Wal Mart and get EVERYONE some of that confidence that PR picked up. There's a LOT of really cool things going on, but they have to clean it up. Bartok is coming along and Adagio is SWEEEETTTTT! My only request would be to build the last chord all the way to the end of the chord and really get the blood boiling!!!!! Stained Glass needs cleaning. This is one of the toughest drills out there this year, but they have to make it seem effortless, which they aren't yet. Come on, SCV!!! Go out there with the confidence you need to perform and the heart to REALLY get to the audience.

BD - I won't comment on the Bb's - I already did that in another thread. Visually, it's an easy book. Musically, there are only so many ways you can cook a chicken and only so many ways you can present the same melodic motif. It just gets boring. Yes it's clean and well performed, but it gets older faster than day old bread. If SCV has a good 2 weeks, they should catch BD.

Cavies - A good book, both musically and visually. Has some definite cool spots. This show will grow on me. Still needs some "Attention to Detail" but will be in the hunt for the title. Show has room for growth, as does SCV's. Think BD are just about maxed out.

Good luck to all of the corps as the season draws to a close and thanks to all of them for entertaining all of us.

Bobby Patrick
88 Florida Wave

Thursday July 27
Sevierville, TN (DCI)

Here's my rather subjective take on last night's performances:

Scenic City-7th (36.10)-This is my hometown corps, but I have to be honest. I have never seen a worse designed show. I think the kids are working hard and probably doing their best, but the arrangements are so weird and difficult that they must be having a hard time making it happen. Even played well, this show would be hard to enjoy. The hornline was really rough. Decent drumline, though. They've grown from last year. I hope this doesn't discourage the kids from coming back.

Spirit of Atlanta-6th (72.65)-Spirit's show was better than last year's I think and their hornline is a bit stronger. There were some nice musical moments, but visually the show was fairly dull. Even during the up-tempo stuff they took such small steps that it seemed there was very little movement going on. Overall, a pleasant experience plus the first big sounds of the evening.

Boston Crusaders-4th (83.90)-Very nice show. Great music with some cool drill. I have to admit I hated the singing-partly because I don't like it when field units sing and partly because I don't think BAC sings all that well. They had a big sound and pretty busy drill (although it seemed a little messy at times). I'm not sure how they compare to other middle-of-the-packers (except Madison-see below), but they were better than last year I think-for what that's worth.

Madison Scouts-5th (82.80)- Wonderful performance! Wonderful playing! Wonderful marching! I have to agree with all those who think Madison's getting shafted this year because they were clearly better than BAC. This is the some of the coolest music they've ever played. And it was very exciting. Their execution didn't seem to be off a bit from years past. The famous Madison sound is still kicking and their drill was just as frenetic but tight as ever. Simply put, they were great all the way around-way too low of a score.

Glassmen-3rd (84.80)- I couldn't get too excited about their show. They have a very big sound (especially down low) and a competent drumline, but there's something dull about their show. I think they're going to be overtaken as they move toward finals because of that. The rich sound was awesome at times and there were some wonderfully musical sections, but I didn't think they were any better than Madison.

Blue Devils-Tie 1st (90.65)- Great show! This is one of the coolest shows BD has done in a while. The Bernard Herrman film scores were arranged masterfully. The Bb horns sound very nice, but the highs get lost at times. A couple of important Soprano and Mellophone parts were not heard clearly when everybody was playing out. A tough drum book was executed very well. In fact the whole show was really tight, except for some sopranos struggling to make pitch near the end and those aforementioned balance problems. Overall, an exceptionally cool performance. Not quite first place, though.

Cavaliers (90.65)-Tie 1st- Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Brass, drums, color guard were all exceptional Extremely well executed show. This is a new piece to me and some parts were a little hard to grasp, but really cool musical stuff was thrown in liberally throughout, so I had plenty to wow me. I almost never watch the color guard in any corps, but I watched these guys. They were unbelievable. I've never seen so many flips and tumbles and other acrobatic wonders. And when they bring out these big blue (water, I guess) flags and the horns split open in some kind of fast scissors step at the end I got major chills. Big, big sound from the brass line-very tight and the drum line was just as good. I thought they bested BD because of those few flubs the Devils had and the fact that the Cavies seem to sell their show better-especially near the end.

We had good seats. The stadium affords a good view (Smokey Mtns in the background) and the sound was fantastic. The mass playing of America/O Canada was LOUD what with Madison, Glassmen, BD, and Cavies out there. This was my first and only live drum corps experience of the season. Now I can't wait until the TV broadcast!

John Phillips

Wednesday July 26
Gulfport, MS (DCI)

Unlike the northerns, the people in the south like to welcome anyone new to the area. I hope all of the corps enjoyed thier stay on the MS Gulf Coast. The corps caught the weather here at a very good time. A few weeks ago we had 100 degree weather (120 heat index).

Allegiance Elite-51.85- I thought thier corps had a nice sound for being so small. I had the priveledge of listening to them play a stand still performance at Hancock Bank in Gulfport. Brass line needs some work on attacking. I heard alot of sops missing those tonight. Other than a bass drummer dropping his stick the show was good for thier size.

Tarheel Sun-60.65-Im glad the corps rid of the sun on the front. It was a distraction as well as an eye sore. The rifles have improved dramatically from what I saw marching as another member of another corps. The brass line turned it up a notch when they came to the kneeling down and pulling your back section. Overall good performance. I hope there is more punch in the brass line.

Troopers-66.35- The corps I think have broken out of the old military tradition with the color guard uniforms. The show itself was patriotic and added a nice feel of American pride. I want to see the show again sometime soon. Overall good job but needs more work in the brass line. Alot of release issues, attacks not where they should be. I think I even saw feet out of step! thats not too good but something that can be fixed.

Southwind-78.35- Southwind has improved from last year. The color guard really knows thier stuff and lack the credit they deserve. Rifle line was not perfect, there were a few drops, but overall very good job. Brass line teased a little bit near the end..almost sounded like the corps was going to use that cheesy ending from last year!

Carolina Crown-81.15- Very dull and boring show. I went to thier rehearsal the day of the show. They wonder why they dont place higher. At the show I heard a lady of a girl who marched in the corps saying "they should have been first" And she said it loud enough during the presenation of scores. Give me a break..who paints drill spots on the field? only YEA would do that fun filled stuff. Bass drummers during practice were missing thier spots. I dont have anything positive to say about the corps or the staff. Good luck next year.

Blue Knights-87.00-Excellent show!! Noone seems to give the corps respect that they deserve. I told one of the brass staff they had the best mello line out of any corps tonight even over Cadets. The horns have a killer book. I was very impressed with the one guy whose arm was disabled. Im sure he played the hell out of the mello. Overall very exciting show. I liked the color guard uniforms. Looks almost like the ones from last year :) even better!!! Drum line was on the money except for retreat (smiles) tenor dropped his stick. It would be a shame if the corps did not place in the top 4 or 5.

Cadets-92.10-To tell you the truth I wasnt very impressed with the show musically and the drill design is not as demanding as Ive seen in previous years. I really liked the (playing of the other horns) and the tenor feature. A friend of mine watching the color guard saw 2 or 3 drops in the rifles. I bet Big Bertha will be after her! During the show the Bflat trumpets were too edgy..i could also hear more air then i heard sound coming from the trumpet in the victory arc. I think the idea of using different keyed instruments is totally breaking the "drum and Bugle corp" tradition. They might as well call it drum and keyed instruments instruments international. Drumline will have to be on the money to take the drum trophy. Finally this show is not a 92..its more along the lines of 88 right now. This is also not a championship caliber show.

My picks for the top five 1. Cavaliers 2. SCV 3. Cadets 4. BK 5. BD

Splooie 99

Tuesday July 25
Baton Rouge, LA (DCI)

Well, let me start off by saying that I went to the Houston show and saw most of the corps this past Sat. Monday night I gotto watch the Blue Knights rehearse at a local high school. These guys have an awesome show and are working hard to get the dirt out. I wish them luck. The day of the show I went to the Cadets clinic. It was neat to watch how they rehearse, and also to be able to get a sneak peek at the show. What they do is simply amazing. Also, the hiughlight of the weekend for me I think was being able to talk to the nursefor the Cadets, who has volunteeered and travelled with them for 32 years. All 3 of her kids marched and aged out with the Cadets, and now her and her husband travel and volunteer with them. I was able to sit and talk with her for about 45 minutes. It was amazing to hear some of her stories. This is something I will never forget.

On to the show:

Tarheel Sun: They were extremely sloppy, and there was only one point near the end of the show where they produced any kind of sound. It was very out of tune, marching was sloppy, and just plain bad. I hope they find something that works for them in the future.

Troopers: I saw them in Houston and they were much better there. This was just an off night for them. They seem to have a bunch of holes which makes the drill seem awfully dirty. They have a real bad balance in the hornline, and the marching was way off.

Southwind: 2nd time seeing this show also. I love it! It is exciting from beginning to end, great hornline, good perc, and the guard has really improved. They had 3 falls though: one soprano in the beginning, a snare during thier feature, and then a contra fell during a congested set and ended up getting stepped on and not being able to get back up for a few moments. It is a great show though; I hope they squeak into finals.

Crown: This is a great show, their best effort yet. It has excitement in the music, an improved brassline, good perc, and the guard rocks. The marching still lacks at times, and the drill could be more exciting. Good show though. . .I see them around 10th or 11th again in this tough year.

Phantom: This show grows on you. The hornline has gotten soooo much better. They had an awesome sound tonight. I think what the show is lacking is an opening that grabs you, and then precision in the marching. People have been talking about them catching Boue Knights and GMen. I doubt that will happen. As good as PR is sounding, there is so much more to the BK show, but I will get to them in a moment. PR is headed in the right direction, but they won't rise back to the top tier this year.

Blue Knights: I love this show!!!! There is a ton of complexity, GE, musicality. . .ETC.!!! I enjoyed 99 a great deal, and this show is even better. The design of this show is flawless. If they get it clean where it needs to be, I see them as high as 5th, maybe even 4th.

SCV: Great show, again. Everything about it is vintage Vanguard. The ending is not what many expect, but it works within the context of the show. I am not sure though what else they can do to make this show better. Hard to say where they will end up come finals.

Cadets: All I can say is. . .OH MY GOD!!!!! This show is simply amazing. I really think it is or will become my favorite show of all time. It has awesome music played by an outstanding hornline (thank you Mr. Cipriani), an amazing drumline (10 snares!!! clean as a whistle), awesome guard (as usual), and the show is visually stunning. The show off section is a showstopper, sure to get everyone on their feet, even the biggest Cadet hater (yes, we know you are out there). I know I have biases, I need noone to tell me this, but this show is the real deal. It is going to take something of the divine for the Cadets not to win this year. I know this is a bold statement, but those who have seen the Cadets this year probably agree.

After the show I went to the Cadets food truck to tell the nurse lady how much I enjoyed the show, as she had told me to do. She just lit up when I showed up there to talk to her about the show. It was a great experience.


First off, it was a WONDERFUL night for Drum Corps (considering this is South Louisiana), daytime high of only 90 and near record lows at night of about 68. Tiger Stadium is a great facility to hold a show. Its very big (holds 85000+) as good sightlines and has all chairback seats between the 20s. Seats are a little tight, but I think DCI would do well to consider coming here for finals week. Its only 1 hour or so from New Orleans and all of its fun (;-))and the crowd was very good. Lots of high school kids, and they didn't applaud as much as I thought they should have, but the event was still very well attended. I would guess on the order of 10,000 people were there.

rant #1 - First of all why can't shows get started on time? I know this is only the third year of this show, but it seems like it never gets started on time (about 15 minutes late by my watch)

Ok now, to the part that you came to read.

1st up - Tarheel Sun
I promised myself I wouldn't say anything negative about this group, and I still won't. However, there are many, many, many, many things that need to be addressed with this group. I think that they have the potential to be quite good. But first off, the brass book isn't very well written (read:voiced IMHO). The arrangements are kinda blah, especially considering the past Wayne Downey versions (although the Harmon mutes are a nice touch). The percussion book is OK, but nothing to write home to mom about. The guard- well lets just think about redesigning the unis. The drill is VERY Dirty and hard to read. I think that smaller groups like this should stay more to the center of the field between the power zones (35 yard lines). There also isn't grab your attention kind of GE to speak of. Some cute things are done in the interaction of the guard and horns, but overall there just isn't much here visually. There were also numerous timing tears from left to right and front to back and the show almost fell apart three times. There is one person at least from every section overblowing, and numerous other sounds that need to be a little fuller. I think a couple of miles of running a day and a few more breathing exercises would help that though. Also they fell prey to the cardinal sin in the pit - DONT WATCH THE CONDUCTOR!!! Some several times the pit wound up almost a full beat ahead of the hornline. Nice job considering your age and experience and good luck in the future.

Rant #2 - What is with the midriff showing for girls - no shirt for guys look going on now? Unfortunately I could tell from up good ways that there are some people that SHOULDN'T be wearing these. I don't mean to say that they can't perform, but I think more flowing outfit like Phantom's would be better suited for certain body types.

Next Up - Troopers
Wow, what an improvement this group has made in the three years since I have last seen them. I love the arrangements; I know some people aren't into the contemporary harmony thing, but I found the ideas expressed refreshing, especially the arrangement of America that was interesting, and kinda funky, while keeping inline with traditional drum corps style. What strikes me most is the difference in the voicings of the horns. Much darker sounds than Tarheel Sun. Overall I liked this show, much higher maturity level than previous years. I still never tire of the All-American corps!

When I marched with Magic of Orlando in '95, we toured early season with these guys and we gave them the name "Suckwind' NO MORE!!!! This show is great. You can DEFINETLY tell the Madison influence on these guys, in ALL areas of the production. Starting with Scott Boerma's typical clarity of lines and faithfulness to the original concept, the music is entertaining and attention getting without being old-school. I never thought I would EVER find Liszt on the field, but the arrangement of Totentanz/Les Preludes works really well. The Horner is okay, my wife is a HUGE fan of that soundtrack and Im sick of it, but it is nice on the field and has some nice dynamic contrasts. The percussion writing is excellent as well, challenging the kids without being over the top (they might want to consider changing the staging of the snare line in the feature, when they pulled the 2nd snare from the left absolutely bit the dust.Hard). The guard makes effective use of props and the drill is straight out of 97 Madison and others with the rotating blocks and merging lines in the closer. Overall a very effective and entertaining show. BTW this corps took a #3 Phillips up the ass tonight as far as score and placement, While they still have some notable timing problems and some occasional overblowing, they deserved better than a 4 point spread and actually might have performed better than Crown. (oh to be a fly on the wall in that critique...)

#4 - Carolina Crown
Okay, I am Really not a Crown fan, not since we competed against them in 1995. Since then, not one of their shows has ever grabbed me and made me pay attention to them. The Spanish thing doesn't do it for me. Spanish music, especially movie soundtracks, rely pretty heavily on storyline for them to make sense, and with Crown doing a more abstract presentation, it is just lacking. The show seems flat with fewer (total) dynamic contrasts than I would have liked. They don't perform it too badly, although I would have placed them about .2 BEHIND Southwind. (IMHO) and BTW put the pit where it belongs - in the pit. You have too many timing problems now to set up in the field like that)

#5 - Phantom Regiment
I love 20th century classical music, especially Stravinsky and early Schoenberg. I liked this show especially the multi-tenors that the drumline uses in the closer. Something is missing here, a certain je ne sais quoi.... The show is truly powerful and glorious, but is just not the Phantom of old.The arrangements are there, but the balance isnt. Baritones are kinda weak, which makes it a little thin, but a STRONG, nice full contra sound helps out a lot. percussion is strong. A few timing tears from left to right and from the horns to the pit, but not too bad. no major performance problems to speak of. THE UNIFORMS SUCK!!!!! I love the guard unis, dresses over leotards, and the colors are nice too, but the tan color of Phantom belies the dark nature of the music they play; it just plain and simple doesn't work.

#6 - Blue Knights
WHOA! These are not your father's BK. New unis (drop the white sash though - try the white in some other fashion) and a HYPERACTIVE drill. Asking baritone players to do what looked like a 3 to 5 jazz run while playing fff and pivoting and going back in a different direction at 160 bpm+ is a bit extreme. Either they are trying to serve that they will do anything for GE to get in and stay in top 5,or the drill designer is on crack. The music is nice, very brass band (nothing wrong with that). MAJOR timing tears in the opener-it got a beat apart and almost didn't recover (it took about 8 measures as it was to get stable). As always, the hand painted flags lend a nice color barrage to the field, almost covering the field like a quilt in a ballad section. A nice show with wonderful potential, but I don't know if they have enough time left to clean up. Next year send everyone to dance school instead of just the sopranos, they weren't half bad :-)

#7 - SCV
Adagio for Strings is loud!!!!!!!!!!!Everything you hear and read about that chord are true. It is truly the hair raising moment of the summer (other than the finale). The opening prayers for Kirkegaard is beautiful. The piano Concerto and the string quartet excerpts are raucous and effective. my only qualm with adagio is that it is way too fast and needs a little more sensitivity in the moving lines and dynamic contrast. AND YOU DONT NEED TO MARCH A DOUBLE TIME TO IT!!! That is aggravating to watch. The percussion like is phenomenal, especially the bass line. Not a contender show, (needs more visual GE) but very nice indeed.

and finally... #8 The Cadets
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your 2000 DCI World Champions.... oh sorry I Cant say that yet, but I will be surprised if they don't win title #8. This show has got it all. It is a thrill to be an observer of it, and it looks like it is fun for the kids to perform. (kids...humph im only 24...) This isn't there hardest show, but it is just difficult enough to provide a challenge. It is easy to watch. The time clock effects at random tempi at the beginning is a GREAT effect. You all know about the tenor features, the individual snare features and the brass players fingering each others horns. By the far and away, these get the highest applause factors of the evening. my only qualm with the corps was the smartass trumpet player who stuck a slightly sharp double F# at the end of the retreat and held it over. I would have expected that from Madison or a jazz corps, but not a classy org such as you. Practice the self-restraint you are taught and be a TEAM player. (Although I have to admit, I did my share of screaming way back when at retreats)GO CADETS!

Rant #3 - I was one of the people that was in the camp of G Bugles or die. Now I am not so sure. After hearing the Cadets tonight, they had by far and away the biggest presence of all of the hornlines tonight. The richness of colors and the tonalities available in the keys selected offers some exciting possibilities. I don't think that I mind it, as of right now. Let me get a few more years of exposure before I make a final judgement.

I think the Cadets have it right this year. Too many of these shows are emotionally disconnected from the audience. (and they wonder where the GE is going) The Cadets are proving you can do a challenging show and still engage the audience.

It was a wonderful night, and I look forward to next year!


First of all I just want to say these are my opinion and mine only. As I am a percussionist so forgive me if my brass and colorguard comments are a little less than the percussion.

Red Stick Thunder Pagent of Champion Location: Tiger Stadium on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, La

Ok for anyone that went to the show last year you know it was rained out by one of the heaviest thunderstorm in a long time in Baton Rouge. Great to see that there was no rain and the a pleasent surpirse of a cool front pasting through Louisiana for the show.

First on Tarheel Sun (Cary, NC)
Music: Channel One Suite & Suite for Jazz Band and Orchestra
This was my first time seeing this corps in person. I know they are a relatively new corps and tackling Channel One Suite for music was a challenge for them. Not only performing the music but going up against the history of the music (i.e. Blue Devils). I must say the arangement was different and very refreshing. Now on to business...Tarheel Sun had major problems last night. Hornline missed attacks and held over after releases. The begining of the show is strange in my opinion with the comical gestures and acting of the corps. Drumline wise they also had problems. Their book was interesting play the played a lot of odd timing figures that did not fit many times through out the show. Otherwise, improvement over their past lines. I can't remember a lot about their colorguard (sorry).

Troopers (Capser, WY)
Music: America the Beautiful, America's Struggle, America (from West Side Story), Amazing Grace, Stars and Stripes Forever
I must say right off I'm not a big Troopers fan. But this was a good show by "America's Corps." The musical theme of the show was very well intergrated and the arangements were nice. The Troopers drew the first major in-perform ovasion at the end of the battle scene. This show is mustr better than last year's show and the seem to be on there way back. Drumline was solid. Although their drum book was not anything to yell home about. They did a fairly descent job of executing the book. Don't remember anything about their hornline...oh wait...their soloist. The soloists were having problems all night long. Overall another step in the right direction for the Troopers.

Southwind (Lexington, Ky)
Music: Intermezzo and March, Legends of the Fall, Les Preludes/Totentanz
Southwind was really impressive. They have come a long way since moving up to Div I. This show was executed really well. First thing I notices was how much better they marched than the Troopers or Tarheel Sun. The cologuard had very pretty burgandy colored outfits. Southwind has really matured and the hornline had a descent sound. Drumline was solid except for when a snare fell down during the drum break. (He made a nice recovery though). Very niced designed show but I really don't see how Legend of the Falls fit with the other two pieces of the show. I think Southwind will push really hard for a Top 12 spot in about 2 years.

Carolina Crown (Fort Mills, SC)
Music: The Mask of Zorro
I usually like Crown but I didn't get into this show that much. First of all this year is the best marching unit I've seen from Crown. To me in the past their marching has been a MAJOR problem. The hornline was ok. I must a comment on the colorguard. When I first entered Tiger Stadium this colorguard past me wearing black spandex and skinny little tops and the male members where only wearing pants. I was thinking those are some trashy outfits. Well it was Crown's guard. Those outfits, even those sexy, was a bit too much for me. But putting that aside, Crown's guard did a GREAT job of performing. The equipment work and dancing was very solid. This group keeps getting better. Now for the drumline. I expected a lot more from a Paul Rennick line. They played well but they did not grab me. The front ensemble was dull also. As with every other line of the night problems playing inner beats solid. But switch this show is much better than last year's show. The crowd had a mixed reaction to it. We'll see how they will do at Final, but it's really good to see them marching better.

Phantom Regiment (Rockford/Loves Park, Illinois)
Music: Juex, Petroucka, Transfigured Night, Rite of Spring
Ok...I now the new uniforms have gotten mixed reviews on here. I liked them. It made Regiment look more military, but I hope it's only a one year deal. Good music and decsent hornline. To me this year's Regiment hornline has a really bright sound to it. Good choice of music and intergration. One problem of this show to me is the drill. Very boring to say the least. They did not have that visual moment that you seek when you watch a drum corps' show. Drumline is getting much better. They seem to have left the dark days behind them. Recognition must be given to Brian Manson and his staff. The front ensemble is really becoming one of the top 4 front ensembles in DCI. Very warm tones from up front. The field percussion is playing much better than previous lines for Phantom. Rite of Spring is great. Very solid percussion writing at the begining with the snares and tenors all playing tri-toms with cymbal connections and either another tom or a picolo snare in the center of the tri-toms. Now if they only had more drill.....

Blue Knights (Denver, Co)
Music: Montage and The Essence of Time
I like the new uniforms expect for the white piece in the front. Colorguard had on some skin tight white outfits. Isn't DCI supposeto be a family event :) But the guard outfits added excellent contrast to the primary corps' uniforms. Once again the Knights are playing really technical music that the cowrd in Baton Rouge had a hard time getting into it. The music is good but very unaccessible to many people. Colorguard and hornline was good. The marching was really solid from the corps. I really not into there drill design but at least they move. Drumline...what can I say. Field percussion was no doubt the most aggressive of the night. (and no..playing tenors behind your back in not aggressive) Snares and basses were descent, but the Knights' tenor made there field percussion go. Front ensemble was a disappointment. I ashame that the front ensemble does not play with the same emotion of the field percussion. I find the front ensemble's book to be much less demanding that the field percussion. Knights need to find a balance between the two units. Overall, good techincally demanding show.

Santa Clara Vanguard (Santa Clara, Ca)
Music: Prayer of Kierkegaard (Prayer No.4), String Quartet No.4 mvt 5 Allegro molto, Piano Concerto No. 1 mvt.3 Allegro molto, Agnus Dei (Adagio for Strings), Stained Glass.
Ok I'm bias towards SCV. This is the first time they have been back to Louisina since 1990. This show is much different than last years show. I hate to say it but the 2000 year lacks intensity. The opener is very interesting and very subtle in it's delievery. After the prayer SCV cranks is up in the second piece. Very demanding drill with a lot of reaction coming from the crowd. There was a nice drill segement when the percussion sprints from the other side of the field and meets up with the brass and then the whole formation rotates. Adagio for Strings was performed very well with nice volume and control during the loud parts. The ending of the show does not make you want to get out of your sit. It's very anti-clamatic and did not get a good response. The cowrd seem to wonder, "Is that it?" Though the show is good it's not on the same level yet as last years show. Will it get there...probably not...Why? One word...percussion. There must have been a high turn over rate in the line from last years line. The front ensemble was solid as usual, but the field percussion was really dirty. The was actually a snare player on the end of the line that played extra notes at one point. I know they have a lot of split parts in the book but that was a mistake. The 5th bass also fell during a drum break. (I can see why...very demanding drill at 180 bpm) Overall, a good show that enjoyable. But making a prediction...probably a 5th place show depending on the Glassmen.

Final corps of the night:
Cadets (Bergenfield, NJ)
Music: Music from Walt Disney World's Millinium Celebration
I've seen a number of people that are declaring the Cadets the 2000 Champion and have not seen the Cavies or Devs. I'm not going to say the Cadets are going to win but I'll be surprise if they get anything less than 2nd. I really don't like the Cadets personally, but this is a great show. The GE of the show is unreal. Solid in all three phases: drumline, hornline, and guard. This is one, if not the best, shows I've seen from the Cadets. (or any corps) I don't know where to began. Great control through the whole show from the hornline. Marching was solid from the whole corps and the guard work was great. Now on to the percussion. This is a solid Cadets line. The writing seems much different that the past. I'm not going to comment on the behind the back playing by the tenors or the bass drums running around playing runs on each other drums. That more of the GE aspect. It's fun to watch's a lot of "Tricks." Though most of it's clean. Overall very entertaining show with a lot of GE. I think people are getting caught up in the GE and the tricks of the corps (the tenors, basses, and the hornline playing each others' horns). But as I stated before this show has every chance of being the best. We'll see when the meet up wih Cavies or Devs.

Overall opinion of the drumlines: Clean inner beats. All the lines had problems executing the low stuff. Also, many lines had problems balancing front ensemble and field percussion.

Also want to say thanks to the Baton Symphony for bring DCI back to Louisiana. But in the same turn, $26 dollars is a lot for a non regional ticket.

Well these are just my views on the shows.....


Bowling Green, KY (DCI)

Ok, this is gonna be super short--it's 4 am and I just walked in the door from the guys know the scores, so I'm just gonna give a few comments in the order of performance. Ok, flame guards are on and now for the review:

Capital Regiment--first time seeing these guys, really enjoyed their show, horns sounded tired and weak (could have been it sounded as though most of the show was played in unison by the entire line), they have no need for two drum majors (and even if they did, try to make the patterns the same), had VERY nice visuals....Great job, I'm glad I saw you guys!

Americanos--these guys are MUCH improved since last I saw them, but that is to be expected (that was their first show!). VERY nice soloists throughout the entire show!! Thought the guard could use some work on "attacks" and catches. Can't say I understand the "visual aids"???? Great job tonight, Americanos! Keep it up! Hope to see you Wednesday night in DC!

Kiwanis Kavaliers--these guys have also done some major cleaning since last I saw them (12 days ago in Winston Salem). The music they chose to play (now that it was recognizable) is just not music I would have selected. Even though I don't like "Miss Saigon" there is much better music that could have been chosen......really enjoyed their pit, guard had it's moments...

Pioneer--Wow! I now understand all the fuss on here about Pioneer! These guys are MUCH improved over last year. VERY nice hornline, drums, and guard. Nice package overall....once they get their hornline numbers up, these guys will be knockin' at Friday and Saturday nights door. The drill is kinda repetitive and there were some feet phasing problems, but overall these guys got one of the best crowd responses of the night! Great Job, Pioneer!!

Bluecoats--as I said in my last review of them....they perform very well, it just doesn't do anything for me. I really appreciate the guard's innovativeness!!! Pretty good job all around (guard girl knocked the crap out of a baritone guy--knocked his hat off--ick) Nice job guys!

Colts--First off, new uni's don't do it for me....especially the black sleeves (What WAS Cesario thinking!!!????). These guys don't have the magic they did last year. Show seems flat and dull. Provide some interesting visuals, but the music is just dull. Colts need to watch out, cuz Southwind is close on their heels....

Crossmen--WOO-HOO!!! One of my favorite shows this year!!!! I love everything about this show--Especially the guard! Some have said that the colors are horrid and such, I think not. Their color is beautiful!!! Great show and great job tonight!

Cavaliers--WHOA! This show is much better than when I saw it many moons ago in Lexington, KY. Great show! I prefer the middle to end more than the beginning, but that's just me. Guard didn't seem to be as "on" as they should be tonight. Lots of drops and miscatches. GREAT hornline! Cadets need to watch their back (even though the Cadets show is my MOST favorite of the year!) Great job, Cavies! See ya tomorrow night!!!!!!!

Madison Scouts--What can I say??? I really don't believe that who I saw on the field were the Madison Scouts. They were just a bunch of guys dressed up, pretending to be them. =\ This show is not them. The whole jazzy Russian music isn't going over too well (with me at least). Guard wasn't as bad as I have heard on here. They've got some great drill though! See you guys tomorrow night too!

Cavies encore--GREAT JOB! The replayed their entire show and then ended with "Rainbow". Great soloist on Rainbow. Ummm....the ones that stayed loved the encore. Thanks Cavies!!!

I'm going to bed now. Gonna go see the Blue Devils rehearse later today! =) Woo-hoo!

Brandon =)

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